Assigning Courses to Disciplines Process

Assigning Course to Disciplines Guidelines and Next Steps

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Getting Started:

  1. Watch ASCCC webinar from Chabot Flex Day (3/31/2022) 
  2. Review the Assigning Course to Disciplines Powerpoint Presentation

Getting Prepared:

  1. Read and Review the Assigning Courses to Disciplines Faculty Senate Approved Process
  2. Meet with faculty in your department to determine how the assigning courses to disciplines process will take place in your area
    1. Departments with many faculty may want to designate 2-4 faculty colleagues to review courses and assign disciplines. It is recommended that all faculty in the department review and sign off on the discipline assignment decisions.
    2. Departments with only 1 full time faculty member might want to invite adjunct faculty to review courses together or invite a cross disciplinary faculty member to review and discuss (particularly useful in areas where there are cross listed courses)

Taking Action:

  1. Complete the Assigning Courses to Disciplines process using the worksheets below.
  2. Reference the Chancellor’s Office Minimum Qualifications Handbook to review the disciplines list and educational requirements
    1. If you would like to assign more than 1 discipline to a course, choose and/or between the 2 disciplines
    2. If you would like to assign more than 2 disciplines, type in the alternative disciplines in the comments section of the worksheet
    1. The disciplines list has been copied into each course in the worksheet
    2. A link to the most recent version of the course outline in Curricunet is linked to each course with the WR icon

Divisions Worksheets:

Upon Completion

  1. Type in Faculty Signatures
  2. Send to Area Dean for review and signature
  3. Return to Curriculum Committee Chair
    • Discipline Assignments will be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee and entered into the Course Outline of Record in Curricunet
  4. In the case of a conflict between areas, refer to the Assigning Courses to Disciplines Faculty Senate Approved Process and contact the Curriculum Chair

Deadline to complete is December 2022

Useful Resources:

For Support

Contact: Dara Greene (, Curriculum Chair