Nursing Military Service

Chabot College Policy Guidelines for Military Personnel into Advanced Nursing Program

Please note that the Registered Nursing Program is severely impacted and returning Chabot College Nurse students have first priority for placement. It is wise to apply to several nursing program.

Students completing the Chabot Nursing Program as eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nursing (NCLEX – RN).

Who is Eligible? 

Eligibility Handout

Individuals who have held health care occupations while serving on active military duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and discharged under honorable conditions may be admitted to the Registered Nursing Program on a space-available basis following completion of all required courses and other requirements listed below.

Basic Medical Healthcare Technicians (Navy Hospital man, Air Force BMTCP and Army Medic) are not eligible for advance standing placement, but must start at the beginning of our program. As a veteran, five (5) points will be credited to the merit based criteria as part of the admission process to the generic nursing program.
Criterion Worksheet (subject to be updated)

Applicants who may be eligible for advanced placement are those individual who have satisfactorily completed, within the last two years education and experience in the following:

  1. Army HealthCare Specialty (Arm Medic with advanced specialty training),
  2. Air Force Independent Duty Medical Technician,
  3. USAF Basic medical Service Technician or Army Medical Specialist with an active California Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) either through challenge (BVNPT Method 4) or successful completion of an LVN program,
  4. Navy Independent Duty Corpsman.

Applicants seeking advanced placement and apply for transfer credit must submit the following materials verifying education and experience:

  1. Transcripts/documentation from appropriate education program and / or military training demonstrating satisfactory completion of coursework and clinical experience;
  2. Documentation of military experience and assignments.

Requirements for Advanced Placement

Military Requirement

  • Honorable discharge from any of the United States Armed Services
  • At least one year experience working as a medical service technician in the US Armed Forces within the last two years.

AS Degree in Nursing Pre-requisites

Complete the Chabot College equivalent for each the following courses prior to admission into the nursing program.

  •  Science courses: Anatomy 1, Physiology 1, Microbiology 1
    • Each must include a lab and must be 4-5 semester units.
    • Completion of one term of Anatomy/Physiology combined course WILL NOT satisfy this requirement.
    • You can earn only one “C” in combination of the three science courses.
    • A minimum 2.5 GPA is required.
    • There is a seven (7) year recency on the science coursework. Incoming transition class (NURS 70)
      • Fall 2022 courses must be taken AFTER August 1, 2015
      • Fall 2023 courses must be taken AFTER August 1, 2016
      • Fall 2024 courses must be taken AFTER August 1, 2017

Chabot College does not have a recency requirement. Comparable course from U.S. Regionally Accredited Colleges/Universities are accepted. Check the Equivalency Chart

Please meet with a counselor to review your transcripts for general education classes required for your nursing degree.

  • Fixed Courses: English 1A, Sociology 1, Psychology 1 and Communications 1 or 10
  • And other general education requirements

ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

Passed ATI TEAS Test (Ver. 6 or 7) at adjusted individual score of 62% or higher.

  1. An unofficial copy must be submitted with your application.
  2. If admitted, official test results from ATI Testing must be submitted unless test is taken at Chabot College.
  3. Only the first valid score will be accepted if you have taken the test multiple times.
  4. Students who do not acquire an Adjusted Individual score of 62% or higher will be required to complete remediation prior to testing again.
  5. In the event of a non-passing score on your second attempt after remediation, the student will not be eligible for the Chabot Nursing Program.

LVN-RN Transition Course (NURS 70 and NURS 70L) 1.5 Units

NURS 70/70L with a “C” or higher on the first attempt. This course will include the following:

  1. Math for Medication Exam ( maximum of three attempts)
  2. Kaplan Specialty Exams (fundamentals, pediatrics, obstetrics, pharmacology) scoring at the benchmark level established by the nursing program faculty. Failure of one or more of the Kaplan Specialty Exams will result in the student needing to take the corresponding theory courses(s) NURS 81(Obstetrics), NURS 82(Pediatrics) or NURS 64 (Pharmacology).
  3. If any student withdraws or does not receive a “C” or better in all the transition courses (NURS 70/70L, NURS 81, NURS 82 or NURS 88/88L) she/he will not be eligible to advanced standing placement in the nursing program.

After completing of NURS 70 / 70L, the student will enroll in the following courses. These courses will be taken in the spring semester.

  1. NURS 88 (Pathophysiology 3 Units) and NURS 88L (Health Assessment 1.0 units) with a “C” grade.
  2. NURS 84 (Prescriptive Clinical Skills .5 units) which allows the student the opportunity to practice clinical skills and to prepare for the clinical skills exam. This testing is valid for 6 months.


  • Approximately $4,000 plus transportation costs to the hospitals and other agencies. Costs are subject to change.

How to apply

  1. Apply to Chabot College.
  2. Review the admission requirements above. Make sure you have completed/passed and can fulfill all requirements.
  3. Complete Advanced Standing Nursing Application from April thru October.
  4. Attend one of the mandatory Advanced Standing Orientations in December or May.

General Advisement

For the Associate Degree pathway option, it is highly recommended that all GE requirements are completed before entering the program’s last semester. It is extremely difficult to complete the last semester and complete GE requirements simultaneously.