Bookstore and Book Ordering FAQs

Bookstore Contacts

Questions about copyright review? 

Please contact VP Matt Kritscher.


Questions about technology?

  • Log in and access issues
  • Workshops and resources (including FAQs)
  • Adoption & Insights portal deadlines
  • Book Adoption Guide and Tools for Teaching access in Canvas

Please contact Chabot's Instructional Technology Department.


Questions about book adoptions?

Please refer to your dean and senior administrative assistant as first point of contact after consulting the Book Adoption Guide


Questions about student book returns and deliveries?

  • Books shipped to campus rather than a home or personal address
  • In-person student questions
  • Rental returns

Please contact Dean Paul Pinza.


Faculty FAQs

A: Books are no longer consistently visible in CLASS-Web. We are encouraging students to look up courses in the virtual bookstore to help them make enrollment decisions.

A: Yes! We ask instructors to list "Materials Available in Canvas" or Materials Available by Instructor" when "adopting" OER in the bookstore. This alleviates student panic when they don't see their class listed in the bookstore. It also helps them make decisions based on their budget.

From the Course List, 

  1. Click on I'd like to be guided through the adoption process
  2. Select Search by ISBN or Keyword
  3. Enter "materials available" in the ISBN or Keyword search bar
  4. Select "available on Canvas" or "available from the instructor"
  5. Add a clarifying note for students (see below), and then click on Use This Book

An example of a clarifying note could be: "This course uses free Open Educational Resources that you will access in Canvas."

A: Yes! PLEASE adopt your texts in the AIP even if you will direct your students to other retailers. Students using vouchers and/or getting reimbursement from a special program must prove that their books are listed as required in Chabot's virtual bookstore to receive their benefits. These students will not be able to get their textbooks if you do not use the AIP.

You may include a clarifying note on the adoption similar to "This listing is only for students using vouchers. Please see the syllabus for additional information on the required text."

A: Check out the Common Errors section under the Getting Started tab of the Book Adoption Guide.

Please contact us if:

  • You are experiencing an error that is not listed.
  • The solutions provided did not work for you. Please include a detailed description of the issue and what you've tried so far (screenshots help but aren't required).
  • You do not have access to Tools for Teaching (where the Book Adoption Guide is housed).

A: The Book Adoption Guide is housed in Tools for Teaching, a Canvas resource. Please email Instructional Technology if you need access.

A: First, verify that you have entered the ISBN correctly. If you have verified and the book could not be found in our database, you may request the book be added.
  1. Click on the magnifying glass next to the Search by ISBN or Keyword text box (it is only clickable once you have entered search terms).
  2. Select To add this title, click here.
  3. Enter the details and then click on Add Title.

B&N will contact you with questions if necessary.

screenshot of the magnifying glass option

screenshot of the To Add This Title link

screenshot of the Add New Text menu

A: Most online merchants use this type of "service." Barnes & Noble calls them Grade Builders (see below).

Our Student FAQs page reiterates that these items are not suggested by instructors. We encourage students to click on No Thanks, Continue to Checkout.

screenshot of the Grade Builders option

Please consider reminding students that these add-ons are not necessary to their success in the course.

A: We ask all faculty to use the AIP each semester to 1) reduce student confusion when they see a course missing from the online bookstore, and 2) eliminate reminders from senior admins and Deans when generating reports of faculty who haven't yet completed the process.

To indicate no materials used, complete the following steps.

    1. Log in to the AIP.
    2. Next to your course(s), click on I'm not using any materials for this class.
    3. Ignore the OER question (no materials means no materials, including OER).
    4. Click on Submit Adoption.

A: Reprographics sent this information to your Chabot email on July 2, 2024.

Materials Needed for the First Day of Class

To ensure your print requests are ready in time, submit your orders no later than Wednesday, August 7th. Print materials submitted by Wednesday, August 7th will be ready for pick-up on the first day of school (August 19th). Requests submitted after August 7th will be accepted and put in the production queue, however, we can't promise it will be ready by August 19th. We also would like to remind you that you can submit print requests at anytime from anywhere.

If you have not yet registered at My Print Desk, please do so now. It takes one business day for your account to be set up before you can place print requests.  This means that if you register on August 7th, you won't be able to place print requests until August 8th.

Class Readers or Lab Manuals Using Content You Didn't Create

If your materials include media that you or a colleague didn’t create yourselves, you will send your reader/lab manual to Xanedu. Examples of items in your reader/lab manual that requires Xanedu to obtain a copyright license:

  • Architectural works
  • Chapter excerpts
  • Dramatic works
  • Literary works
  • Magazine articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works
  • Short stories

Including works in a reader or lab manual for a class doesn’t automatically give you “fair use” of that work. In most cases, a copyright license is still needed. If your reader/lab manual includes anything from the above list, submit it to Christina Zinkel, XanEdu Account Manager.

Class Readers or Lab Manuals Using Content You Created Yourself

If your materials are created by yourself or a colleague, Chabot College Reprographics will print your materials. Email your reader/lab manual to Reprographics by Monday, July 8, 2024 for the fall semester.

Reprographics will create a digital proof of the materials and add it to the Reprographics website. All materials submitted to Reprographics will be available for faculty to place print requests or download a PDF of the book from the website. After Reprographics has added the digital proof to the website, submit your print request no later than Monday, July 22, 2024 so that it will be available the first day of classes.  

You can still submit a print request if you miss this due date, but it will be processed as standard service, orders over 50 class readers/lab manuals may be delayed, and the materials won’t be available on the website for other faculty to order.


Notes on Due Dates

If you have any questions or need help with your materials, it is best to address them before the due dates so there is enough time to do the necessary work to ensure they will be reproduced correctly. It takes time for Xanedu to acquire copyright licenses and for Reprographics to set up digital proofs. Not meeting the materials submission date (July 8) will delay the print schedule. Likewise, submitting class reader/lab manual print requests after the print request submission dates (July 22) will delay when the materials can be picked up. 

Please note: Reprographics will be closed for Convocation and College Day (August 15th and 16th).

A: There can be a 48-72 hour delay between your adopting a book in the portal and it being listed on the student bookstore.

Note: Texts that are on order do not appear on the virtual bookstore. It may take 2-4 weeks for this to happen, so please submit adoptions before the deadline to allow enough time for Barnes & Noble to stock your book(s).

A: We encourage you to use the Notes field which is accessible if you use the "I would like to be guided through the adoption process" option in the AIP.

By providing clarity in the Notes field, you will also establish teacher presence and help to develop student confidence even before the semester begins.

Do you have a question that isn't answered above? Check out the AIP Guide in Tools for Teaching


Program Directors & Classified Professionals FAQs

A: Ordering a text means placing an order to rent or buy a text and involves payment and shipping.

On the other hand, adopting texts is what instructors do to indicate which texts are required or recommended for use in their class. 

A: This four-minute video has everything you need to know.

If you are unable to view it here, please access the video (and more) in the Book Adoption Guide in Canvas. All senior admins were sent an invite to access Tools for Teaching (where the guide is housed).

A: Bulk program/cohort orders will be ready to be placed after August 1, 2023.

Visit the Book Adoption Guide for the latest information received from VP Kritscher, including:

  • Voucher Program Configuration Instructions
  • Chabot College Voucher Program Configuration
  • Chabot Voucher Template

Please contact Kara Cahill at Barnes & Noble with any questions. 

A: This four-minute video provides a walkthrough of the process.

Please note that it contains verbiage like "Student Financial Aid" instead of Grant/Voucher and "Student ID" instead of "Student W#."

A: Check out the Common Errors section under the Getting Started tab of the Book Adoption Guide.

Please contact us if:

  • You are experiencing an error that is not listed.
  • The solutions provided did not work for you. Please include a detailed description of the issue and what you've tried so far (screenshots help but aren't required).
  • You do not have access to Tools for Teaching (where the Book Adoption Guide is housed).


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