Online Learning

Instructional Continuity for Remote Learning 

Chabot College Courses Are Transitioning to Remote Instruction during the Mandated Shelter in Place.  Many instructors will be asking students to utilize Canvas and participate in Confer Zoom (Zoom) calls to continue instruction.

If you have never used Canvas here at Chabot you will need to complete an initial log in process.  Canvas Login Procedures

Confer Zoom Student Information

Confer Zoom is a tool within Canvas that allows instructors and students to communicate with each other in real time. Students can just click the Confer Zoom link at the appointed time to access this web conferencing software. 

Students Do Not Need to Register for a Confer Zoom (Zoom) Account just to participate in a Session set up by an Instructor.

Test Confer Zoom if you are a First Time User

Prior to that appointed time, students should test Confer Zoom to make sure it is working properly. Join Meeting Test. If you haven't used Confer Zoom before, follow the on-screen instructions to download and open the Zoom software and join the meeting. You will be the only participant in the meeting.

You might be asked if you want to test your speaker and microphone. Please follow the instructions for this test. If you have tested before, you can simply Join with Computer Audio. You will be entered into the meeting.

To see the controls for the meeting, move your cursor to the bottom of the screen. 

 Confer Zoom Control Snap Shot

Test out the Controls: talk with your video on, mute your microphone, un-mute your microphone, share your screen (which will display what is on your screen to everyone in the meeting.

ConferZoom Participants Guide

Online classes at Chabot College provides you the flexibility of taking classes when and where you want to, with the same quality as our on-campus classes.

Getting Started with Online Classes

For first-timers, read our online class offerings, how to register and next steps.

Is Distance Education For You?
Online and hybrid classes may be a good option if you:

  • have good computer skills
  • are self-directed and motivated
  • are highly organized
  • need a flexible learning schedule

Review the Online Student Readiness Tutorials

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