Online Classes

Types of Online Classes

Chabot College offers 2 types of online classes: Online and Hybrid.

  • Online Classes are completed fully online via Canvas, with no on-campus meetings. 
  • Hybrid Classes are held partially online via Canvas, with on-campus meetings.

Register for an Online Class

The registration/enrollment process for online or hybrid classes is the same as for traditional classes.

  1. Starting from CLASS-Web, students can search for online or hybrid classes by clicking on the "Search for Late Start, Weekend, Evening, Distance Ed, & Online Classes" link on the left side of the page.
    On the following screens, select the term, the college campus, and check 'Distance Ed Courses' and 'Online/Web Based Courses', where applicable.

    Your search screen would look like the following:

    CLASS-Web online class search screen with online class options checked.

  2. For each class, be sure to note:
    • If there are required on-campus meetings, technical requirements, or other special class notes.
    • The first day of the class.
    • If it is a late-start.
    • The instructor's name. Many instructors will email students prior to the start of the class. If you have questions about the class, your instructor's contact information is available in the College Directory.

  3. Once you have decided on the class(s) that you would like to enroll in, register for each class just as you would any regular class in CLASS-Web.

After Registering for an Online Class

  1. In CLASS-Web, check your class schedule for any required on-campus meetings, technical requirements, or other special notes for the class. Please note that some hybrid classes may require that you attend the first on-campus meeting prior to logging into Canvas.

  2. On the scheduled start date of your class, login to Canvas using the instructions provided on those pages. Please note that most instructors do not make their class sites available to students until the class start date, including late-start classes.

  3. For online hybrid classes, be sure to attend any required on-campus meetings. Please note that an instructor may drop students who miss the first meeting of a class. The first meeting of online or hybrid classes is the first day of the class as specified in the class schedule listing and may be an on-campus meeting.

  4. Be sure to make note of deadlines within the class for participating and submitting assignments. Please note that instructors also may drop students who do not log into a class site and/or complete assigned activities by the third day after the start date of the class.