Campus Posting

bulletin board with postings

General Rules for Posting Printed Materials

  • Bulletin Boards are placed throughout the campus and are available for community use unless otherwise labeled.
  • Flyers, advertisements, and other printed materials do not require prior approval from the However, any printed material deemed to be slanderous, libelous, obscene, offensive or pornographic will be removed immediately.
  • No printed material may be placed on or against, attached to, or written on any structure or natural feature of the campus, including but not limited to windows, doors, building walls (interior and exterior), walkways, roads, posts, fences, waste receptacles, trees, plants, elevators, or shelters.

    Do not post on doors
    Do not post on walls
    Do not post on columns
  • No printed materials may be left unattended on campus grounds or inside campus buildings without prior permission of the Director of Student Life or the College Administrator responsible for the building.
  • Publicity may not be affixed to or left on cars in Chabot College parking lots.



Available Advertising Media

table vendors for voting and other programsTable Vending Program

The Table Vending Program is an effective way to actively promote your events and programs through face to face contact with the Chabot College Community. Table vending allows organizations to reserve a table in the Student Center (building 2300) Lobby, outside of the cafeter ia. Tabling is allowed fr om 10am-5pm Monday through Friday, on days when the campus is open. Tables must be reserved in advance and tabling fees may apply to off-campus organizations.

A full description of the Table Vending Program including policies, procedures, and and application is in the Table Vending Application.

Chabot Spectator

The Spectator is Chabot College’s award winning student-run newspaper, operated by the Journalism Department. To advertise, visit the Spectator website for contact information.


KCRH Radio 89.9 FM

KCRH 89.9 is a student run radio station operated by the Chabot College Mass Communications Department. KCRH offers promotional support to all Chabot College programs and special events.

For promotional requests, email


Are you an On-Campus Group?

Let Student Life do the work for you!

On campus entities such as recognized Student Organizations and Campus Departments and Programs are provided additional posting resources including digital signs, kiosk space, banner space, and A-Frames. These resources are managed by the Student Life office and all materials require approval before being posted. All materials will be posted and removed by the Student Life office unless otherwise noted.

How to get your Publicity approved

  • Submit electronic copies of design to You will receive a response via email within 3 business days.
  • Once approved, paper copies (up to 10) can be delivered to the Student Life office (Building 2300, room 2355) for posting.
  • Approved copies will be stamped and posted by Student Life within 2 business days. Approved electronic ads will also be posted within 2 business days.

Flyers will remain posted for up to 2 weeks or until the Friday after your event and will be removed by Student Life.

Requirements for all approved flyers

  • The name of sponsoring individuals, department or registered club or organization and contact information of the primary organizer.
  • Promotional materials for events must include an accessibility statement providing a name, contact information (phone or email) , and a deadline to request accommodations. A 10 working day deadline for accommodations is good amount of time to request.

    Example - "All persons with disabilities are welcome and may make requests for accessibility accommodations. To request accommodations, please contact [name of organizer] at [phone number and/or email] by [deadline date]."
  • An English translation for anything written in a language other than English.


Electronic Advertising for Campus Groups

Electronic Advertising is a very efficient and sustainable way to spread the word about your events , programs, etc. Using electronic media allows you to have full color ads with no printing or waste and the opportunity to distribute and share with a wider audience.

Digital Screens


  • Building 100
  • Building 300
  • Building 500
  • Building 800
  • Building 900
  • Building 1200
  • Building 1700
  • Building 1800
  • Building 2200
  • Veterans Resource Center


  • Scrolling electronic ads
  • Full color with no printing necessary

Other Notes

  • Recommend that files be submitted in .JPG format
  • Recommend Dimensions – 640 x 936 pixels

Social Media

The Student Life office is happy to help advertise your events, programs and services to our growing network of current students, former students, staff faculty, community members , and organizations through our social media accounts.

Already on Social Media?

Like our pages and contact us with all your campus events, meetings, announcements, etc. We’ll be happy to share your Social Media posts.



Where to Post Flyers, Poster & Print Ads

kiosk with display cases and flyers

1. Outdoor Kiosks


  • Student Center (Building 2300)
  • Building 300
  • Building 500
  • Building 800


  • Enclosed case
  • Space for larger flyers and posters up to 11”x17”
  • Advertisements will remain up until after the event date

balcony at the student center   balcony at the student center with a banner

2. Student Center Balcony

Location: Student Center (Building 2300), overlooking the cafeteria


  • High traffic location
  • Only space large enough for banners and posters larger than 24”x36”


a-frame stand with flyer

3. A-Frames


  • Ideal for posters (24x36)
  • Mobile - can be placed throughout the campus


  • For outdoor use only
  • Avoid placing in the middle of any walkways or fire lanes in order to provide aclear pathway for emergency and maintenance vehicles
  • Please do not block stairwells or building entrances

Other Notes

  • Available to check out from Student Life
  • Responsible for own setup and return
  • Maximum of 2 weeks for each checkout
  • When utilizing these A-Frames we highly recommend using packing tape or other heavy duty tape to attach your poster


4. Sidewalk Chalk

(Chalk not provided)

  • "Chalk where you walk" - Please chalk only on outdoor walkways and open concrete grounds. (Not on doors, walls, windows, pillars and columns, etc)

  • Chalk writing is not allowed near building entrances. Chalk dust can stain and/or damage carpet and other interior floors.