Inter Club Council

The Inter Club Council is an opportunity for registered Chabot student organizations to come together, collaborate, and support each other as a community.

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Current List of Registered Chabot Clubs

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ICC Funding for special club events and projects available now.


  1. Clubs must complete registration process through Student Life Office
  2. Complete one fundraiser and apply for ICC Matching Funds
  3. No minimum or maximum request for funding.  Funds will provided as available and upon review at an ICC meeting.
  4. Submit application to ICC officers via email.

*Updated Application Coming Soon*


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Inter Club Council Meetings




Ask us a question

Q: What is the Inter Club Council (ICC)?

A: The Inter Club Council is an the organizing body for all student run organizations at Chabot.  We are a community of organziations supporting each other and the campus life at Chabot.  Click here to see a quick overview of who we are.

Q: Does my club have to attend ICC meetings?

A:  Attendance at ICC meetings is required in order to have access to ICC funding and other resources.

Q: How can the ICC support my club at Chabot?

A:  The ICC supports clubs in many ways including networking, resources to build collaborations with other clubs, support with promotion and recruiting, training for club officers and members, and club funding.

Q: Can the ICC help my club with fundraising?

A:  Yes! The ICC has three ways to help clubs with funding raising.   1) Startup funds are avialable to every club upon completion of their registration with the Student Life office, 2) the ICC provides matching funds for club fundraisers, and 3) funding  for special events and projects are also available through the ICC funding application.

Q: What does the ICC do to help promote my club?

A:  The ICC does many things to help promote registered clubs including a Gladiator Welcome Days event at the beginning of each semester, an opportunity to announce events during the meetings, and sharing flyer and announcements through the ICC Instagram.  Also feel email us a flyer and we can make an announcement for you.

Q: Can I start my own new club?

A:  Student can start a club at Chabot at any time.  Process and requirements for starting a club are online at this website.

Resources for Clubs and Students

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 Advisor - Arnold Paguio, Chabot College Director of Student Life