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Classified Resource Guide

Acronyms & Dictionary of Term

ASCC - Associated Students of Chabot College

Basic Educational Opportunity Grant

Bldg -

Board of Governors (BOG Fee waiver)

BoT -
Board of Trustees

- Calculated "A" Hour (A faculty contract term for calculating salary compensation)

California Articulation Number

CE -
Continuing education

- College Enrollment Management Committee

Cost of Living Adjustment

(CR) - 1 credit equals approximately 1 hour of time spent in a classroom per week. 3 (cr) credit class means you will meet for approx 3 hour per week in that class

Credit Hour  -  One credit hour usually represents one hour of class time per week plus two hours of out of class study.

Credit Load  - The number of credits a student registers for during a semester.

CTE - career and technical education

Elective - A course taken at the choice of the student.

FAQ or FAQs - Frequently asked questions

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA - Family Education Right to Privacy Act

FTE - Full time Equivalent

Full time Equivalent Faculty

Full Time Equivalent Hour

Full Time Equivalent Student

Full Time Student
- A student who enrolls for at least 12 credits during the fall or spring semester, or one credit per week of study during the summer session.

General Education Requirement
A component of a degree program that provides a broad, based education with required course work in communication skills, analytic reasoning, health and physical education, humanities and the arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, and technology.

GER - General education requirements

Gen Eds or GE - General Education Requirements

GPA - Grade point average

Grade Point The numerical value given to letter grades, based on an A receiving four points, a B three points, and so on.

Grade Point Average (GPA)
The numerical value assigned to a students scholastic average, computed by dividing the total grade points by the total credit hours attempted.

Grant - Financial assistance that does not have to be repaid

Hold - A barrier placed on a students ability to register for classes as a result of unpaid monetary obligation or other action by the university.

HR - Human Resources

IGETC - Inter-segmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

- The grade assigned only if a student is temporarily unable to complete course requirements because of unusual circumstances.

Interdisciplinary  - Drawing on two or more disciplines in a single course or program.

Major  - A planned program of study leading to a bachelor's degree. Term is often used interchangeably with degree program.

IR - Incident Report
IT - Instructional Technology

LEC - Lecture

LAB - Laboratory

MAJOR - Primary field of study while attending college/university

MINOR - Secondary field of study while at college/university. A sequence of related courses consisting of 15 or more semester hours of credit.

MIS - Management Information Services

Part time student - Student attending school with fewer than 12 credit hours

PERS - Public Employees Retirement System

Prerequisite  - Course that must be taken prior to registering for another course

Electives  - A group of courses from which a student must choose a prescribed number of credits to meet a program requirement.

Semester  - A unit of time, generally 16 weeks long, in the academic calendar.

SEIU - Service Employees International Union

Service Report - This is your time sheet

- the outline or guide that a professor gives a student on the first day of class so the student knows exactly what is required in the class and what it takes to achieve a specific grade.

TA - Teachers Assistant

TBA - To be announced

TBD - To be determined

Tenure - means the professor has achieved a level of excellence in teaching and publishing that helps to secure their continued employment

Transcript  -
A copy of a students permanent academic record.

Vocational Technical Education Act

Matriculation - to pass through and complete all requirements

Units - credits

WSCH - Weekly Student Contact Hour

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