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2017 Early Decision Program

Steps At-A-Glance

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Step 1: Submit an online Application for Admission

High school seniors must complete Chabot's online application for admission in order to participate in the Early Decision program. Application period: February 1 until February 22, 2017.

Applications filed after February 22, 2017 will be processed as new student to Chabot College rather than Early Decision. Students will go through our traditional new student process and register at a later date.

Helpful application tips:

          Education: please choose the option received high school diploma

          Supplemental Questions:  Are you currently a high school senior planning on participating in the 2017 Early Decision program? answer YES and select your high school.

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid by March 1, 2017 at (optional)

For more detailed information visit /finaid .

Step 3: Complete English/ESL & Math Assessments

In order to be accepted into the Early Decision program, you must reserve and complete a Math and English or ESL Assessment. You must bring a photo ID with you. You will not be admitted without a photo ID. Appointments will be assigned on a first come - first served basis. Assessment test appointments can be made by phone or in person starting February 6, 2017 until filled. You may call the following phone number to reserve your seat:

Monday - Thursday

         Assessments will take place at the Chabot College Assessment Center in Building 700, room 714A.

         Study guides are available online at  

         It is extremely important that you prepare for these tests as they will determine the length and the amount of Math/English/ESL courses you will have to take at Chabot.

When both Math and English or ESL assessments are complete, you will receive a Student Success Passport outlining the remaining Early Decision steps (orientation, Title IX training, program planning, and registration).

Step 4: Complete Online Orientation

Students must complete the Chabot College Online Orientation by March 25, 2017

Step 5: Complete Title IX - Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Training by March 25, 2017

Step 5: Participate in a Student Program Planning workshop at Chabot College

         You will select a day for the planning workshop once you have completed your assessments.

         You may earn 0.5 units of college credit for the Early Decision program (optional).

Step 6: Register for classes

Students who have COMPLETED ALL EARLY DECISION PROGRAM COMPONENTS will be able to register on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 before all other new students. Registration assistance will be available at Chabot College. Please come to building 700 between 8 and 10 am. You may also register from home.

Step 7: Get a Student ID Card

Once registered into classes, students are eligible for a Chabot College student ID card. Registered students are required to carry valid student identification on campus. The student ID card is used for various services on campus and to obtain student discounts.

Student ID cards will be issued in Student Online Services, building 700, room 710A.

Step 8: Pay for your classes online or in person within ten business days to avoid being dropped from your class for non-payment.

Step 9: Attend Gladiator Welcome Day in August and prepare for the first day of classes!

More information about Gladiator Welcome Day will be available in Summer. Please check Chabot's website regularly for updates.