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Do I have to see a counselor before I can attend Chabot?

Not necessarily. If you are a new student you will meet with a counselor as part of the orientation process. If you are returning to Chabot after an absence or if you are transferring from another college, you can make a counseling appointment after you have filed an application for admission if you wish. If you know which courses you want to take, you can register without counselor assistance via CLASS-Web, provided the courses are not restricted.

Do I have to be a student to see a counselor?

No, but if you are not a student, you will be restricted to front desk counseling which is limited in time and availability. Front desk counseling services are designed to answer quick, general questions and are restricted to a few minutes. To be seen by a front desk counselor, come to the Counseling Office in Building 100 and check in at the appointment desk.

What types of counseling are available?

  • Academic Counseling (30 min.)
  • Transfer Plan Counseling (30 min.)
  • Career Counseling* (30 min.)
  • Academic/Progress Probation Counseling (30 min.)
  • Personal Counseling* (60 min.)
  • Student Education Plan Counseling (60 min.)
  • Front Desk Counseling (1-3 min.)
  • Veteran’s Evaluation Counseling (60 min)

* Limited availability

Please note that counseling services are available by appointment only (except for Front Desk Counseling).

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by visiting the Counseling appointment desk located on the first floor of Building 700, Room 752, upstairs from Admissions and Records.

Am I assigned a counselor?

No; you can see any counselor you wish, but it is a good idea to establish a connection with one or two counselors of your choosing to provide continuity in your academic plans and discussions. To find a counselor best suited to your needs, get recommendations from your friends and/or meet with different counselors until you find one with whom you feel comfortable.


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