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Path to Success: Matriculation

What is Matriculation?
Matriculation is a process designed to promote student success by providing a step-by-step approach to the achievement of educational goals

Matriculation Components: Steps Towards Your Path To Success

1. Admission:

Building 700 lobby (first floor). (510) 723-6700Your application provides us with information about your educational plans and career goals. You can complete your application online.

2. Assessment:

Room 714A.  (510) 723-6722 The student takes the English, reading and math assessment tests, subsequently a counselor uses the student's profile, test results and other criteria to help the student select appropriate English, math and other courses.  Assessment is required for all new students unless they are exempt. Chabot offers assessments for English, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Math (there is also an additional assessment available for those that want to try to test into Chemistry 1A).Visit Assessment Center website for more information: /Counseling/assessment/

3. Orientation: Available online

An orientation session introduces you to our programs, services, academic regulations, expectations, campus facilities, and student life.  Orientation also helps you to better understand the college Catalog, Schedule of Classes, and plan a course of study. Complete the online orientation.

3. Counseling/Program Planning:

Room 752. Information Line: (510)723-7013

The student receives advise in selecting courses and is provided information regarding transfers, certificates and degree programs, majors and career planning.  Appointments are made only in person at the counseling front desk. See the counseling website for more information: index.asp

4. Student Educational Plan (SEP):

The student and counselor develop an educational plan for their course of study in a one hour scheduled counseling appointment.

5. Follow-Up:

Counselors are available to assist with monitoring student progress. Referrals to support services on and off campus are made when necessary. A variety of workshops are developed to keep you on your "path to success".
Matriculation is the process which brings the college and you, the student, into an agreement for the purpose of developing and realizing your educational objective. This process is designed to help you from the moment you first apply until you complete your studies at Chabot. The agreement acknowledges responsibilities of both the college and the student. Chabot College agrees to provide a "path to success" which includes:

  • An admission process
  • An orientation to college instructional programs and student life
  • An assessment of basic educational skills
  • Counseling and advising for course selection and the development of a Student Educational Plan (SEP)
  • Quality Instruction
  • Continuous follow-up on your progress with referral to support services when needed
  • Institutional research and evaluation which will monitor the effectiveness of all services provided You, the student, agree to pursue a "path to success" by:
  • Expressing a broad educational intent upon admission and declare a specific educational objective within a reasonable period of enrollment.
  • Attending classes and complete assigned work
  • Meeting with counselors to discuss educational choices
  • Seeking support services as needed to assist you in completing course work & maintain progress toward an educational goal based on standards set by Chabot College.

Who must participate? Who Qualifies?

A matriculating student is one that is enrolling for six or more units, and/or is pursuing a degree or certificate, and/or plans to take English or Math classes.

May I get an exemption from any of the steps of the Matriculation process?

Yes. If you have been awarded an associate degree or a higher-level degree you may be exempt from the assessment and orientation components. Please check with the Counseling Office for additional information.

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