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Type of Student

Continuing Students

Continuing students are encouraged to meet with a counselor once a semester to make sure they are making progress toward their educational goals.  We encourage you to explore our new student friendly counseling website as it contains links with pertinent information such as appointments, associate degree and certification information, general education requirements for AA/AS and transfer, Probation/Dismissal information, transfer information, tutoring, other frequently asked questions and more.  The following is the Admissions and Records link for continuing students to register for classes: Registration procedures for continuing students.

High School Students

High school students may apply for Concurrent Enrollment at Chabot.  Please visit Chabot College's Admissions and Records website for more information about concurrent enrollment and FAQ's about concurrent enrollment.

Graduating high school seniors are encouraged to participate in Early Decision/Mega Day.  For more information go to Chabot’s Early Decision website.

International Students

International students need to complete both the Chabot College Application as well as the International Student Application.  Please visit Chabot College International Students Program website for more details.

New Students

Welcome to Chabot College. The Counseling Department's goal is to get you started, guide you through the enrollment process, and help you navigate your way through your educational journey. Please check out the counseling website homepage for additional information and services.

Enrollment Procedures for New Students (application, assessment, orientation and registration)

Returning/Former Students

Welcome back. We would like to extend our counseling services to you. Services will be available to you one business day after your application is submitted.  Students must resubmit an application if they have sat out for more than one semester (not including summer).  Please be sure to check out Chabot’s Admissions and Records website for registration information for former students.

If you would like to see a counselor to discuss your educational plan, come in person to the Counseling Center to make an appointment. To AVOID THE RUSH, we encourage you make an appointment as soon as possible. To prepare for your counseling appointment, you should:

  1. Complete English and Math assessments at Chabot College.  If you have completed English and/or Math at Chabot previously be sure to ask your counselor what course (if any) you should take next.  If coursework for English and/or Math was completed at another college you may opt out of the assessments but you will need to provide your transcripts. 

  2. Make sure all transcripts are on file at Admissions or Records. 

  3. Make a counseling appointment to have an unofficial evaluation, review your priority registration and to initiate prerequisite overrides (if applicable). 



The Counseling department is proud to welcome our Veterans to Chabot College. This guide is designed to help you understand the enrollment process, the services you are entitled to receive, and the campus/community resources available to assist you with your academic and career goals.

In addition to the steps listed below be sure to check out Chabot's Admissions and Records site about veterans services.

Step #1: Complete the Admissions Application at .  24 hours after submitting your application, you should receive an e-mail giving you your Student Identification Number (W#).  You can check your W# by logging into CLASS-Web.  For further assistance you can go to Online Student Services located on the first floor in building 700. 

Step #2: Once you receive your Student Identification Number (W#), your next step is to take a copy of your DD214 directly to the Veterans Office.  Submit to the Veterans Office your VA packet and verify that your tuition expenses will be covered by your benefits.

Step #3:  the college assessment tests (placement tests) for English/ESL and Math.  A schedule of test dates is available online, your college application must be on file prior to taking the test. The computerized test usually takes two hours to complete.  The test measures your English, Reading and Math skills and places you into an appropriate class for your skill level.  Remember these are not pass/fail tests.  A photo identification is required to take the test.  The Assessment Center is located in Building 700, Room 714A.  If you have completed English and/or Math courses at another college you can bring your transcript to counseling to request a prerequisite override.  See a counselor for more details. 

Step #4: Complete the College Online Orientation.  As new students you are encouraged to attend the in-person group Orientation sessions (if available; in-person group orientations are scheduled at the end of the assessment test).  The orientation is designed to give you a general understanding of what the college has to offer, its programs, services, policies, and procedures. If you have previously attended another college you can opt not to complete the Orientation because you have college experience, it is still recommended so that you can understand Chabot College's policies and procedures.

Step #5: Check service hours for counselor availability.  Student must come in person to schedule a counseling appointment (if available with a veterans counselor).  Collect a copies of all college transcripts (military or civilian) and bring them to the counseling appointment for review.  Work with a counselor to understand how military credit is awarded.  The counselor will review your assessment results and/or prior academic recrods.  The counselor will develop an educational plan. The educational plan is required by the Veterans Office to process your VA educational benefits. During the counseling appointment you may also request a review of your priority registration number if you have previously completed English/Math courses at another college (you might qualify for an exemption from assessment and orientation). See the following website for more information on how priority numbers are determined at Chabot.

Step #6:  Veterans receive pre-priority registration.  Check the class schedule for specific dates.  Register for your classes using Classweb and be sure to pay by the listed deadlines.  If payment is not received by the deadline, students may be unenrolled/deregistered from all their classes. Payment can be made on CLASS-Web or in person at Admissions and Records (1st floor building 700).  Check with the Financial Aid Office (building 700) for information regarding fee waivers and financial assistance.

Step #7:  Tour the campus and become familiar with campus and community resources.  Check out: 

Chabot College Health Center: A great resource for individuals looking for information on a variety of topics ranging from physical, emotional, to social health issues.

Resources for Veterans:

 ACE Military Guide - Review how military credit and occupations are evaluated for college credit

One-Stop Resource Guide - Crisis hotline, prevention services, TBI information

CareerOneStop - Pathways to Career Success, Veterans ReEmployment

Suicide prevention hotline for Marines is available in California. The DStressline
(1-877-476-7734) provides counseling for Marines and their family members.

Transitions from Military Career - Career Options

Veteran's Assistance - Mental Health Information

Veteran and Family - Counseling Services

Veteran Resources - Operation Welcome Home ; Crisis Line

Working Adult/Reentry

Registration process for working adults/reentry students is the same as for any new/continuing/former student.  The links below provide additional support services and resources:

PACE:  A Program Designed for Working Adults

Project Renew




Counseling Service Hours

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