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Frequently Asked Questions 

Beyond Basic Skills, do you offer students additional support with academic reading and writing?

Yes. We have two support classes for students, English 107 and English 115. Students are also welcome to visit the OWL Purdue website.

English 107: Introduction to English Grammar

This class includes a strong focus on proofreading of students' own work. 

Per catalog: Basic components and rules of English grammar, syntax, and punctuation. Includes parts of speech, sentence patterns, sentence purpose, sentence construction, and sentence level errors in conjunction with writing. 3 hours. 

115 Faculty-Student Tutorial

This provides individualized assistance from faculty in collaboration with students' assessment of their academic literacy needs.

Per catalog: Writing and reading across the curriculum .5-3 units. Self-paced, individualized instruction in reading and writing effectiveness. 2-6 hours laboratory.

May I use the assignments posted on your faculty resource pages?

Absolutely. We urge you to tailor the directions to fit your course outline and student needs.

How often is the faculty resource page updated?

Not often. The website was a one-time project built to support our department's philosophy.  If you discover broken links or missing items, please send an email to kland@chabotcollege.edu.  Last updated: December 14, 2012.

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