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World Languages

"No education is complete without an individual becoming proficient in more than one language."
—Chabot College World Language Faculty

We are a team of three full-time and a half-dozen adjunct faculty members who offer courses Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. The department teaches each course in an immersion environment by solely using the target language of the course selected. Our approach values and subscribes to the “Five C’s” of the Foreign Language Standards of the California Department of Education: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

We offer opportunities for study and practice not only in our classrooms, but also in the Learning Connection, which includes the Language Center for traditional and computerized study, the World Languages Discussion Room for a variety of independent and collaborative pursuits among students (such as small conversation groups and study groups), and PATH (Tutorial Services) for one-on-one and small group, directed consultations.

Our mission is to offer a range of world language courses and activities in response to the diversity of the wider Chabot community:

·         a pedagogical approach focused on providing an immersion learning format by teaching all courses solely using the target language, providing meaningful communicative interactions and cultural experiences.

·         lower-division university courses with transferable units to prepare students for upper-division courses at four-year institutions, programs for transfer majors and AA degrees;

·         conversation courses to promote communicative competence in world languages in our community;

·         world language courses appropriate for the Chabot community in response to world events;

·         a world language tutor training program designed to prepare our tutors better to serve our students at PATH;

·         partnering and supporting campus organizations and activities that encourage the active learning of world languages and that raise international consciousness and,

·         an active commitment to each and every one of Chabot College’s Leaning Goals.

All of which reflect important aspects of studying world languages and cultures: Global and Cultural Involvement, Civic Responsibility, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Development of the Whole Person.


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