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National Accuplacer Conference
We attended the 19th Annual ACCUPLACER National Conference at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle, Washington on June 25 -27, 2009. This national conference provided various workshop sessions concerning new technical functions and features of the New I3 Platform ACCUPLACER online assessment system utilized by Chabot College to assess Mathematics and English skills of all new students prior to course registration.

Summary of the Most Important Workshop Sessions Attended:
1) Adding Local Tests to the ACCUPLACER system: This session demonstrated how to create and integrate a local developed assessment tests into the ACCUPLACER online testing program. Demonstrated how to create test questions, include images and graphics as needed, and utilize local test as part of overall ACCUPLACER branching profiles and placement rules.

2) Setting Cut Scores in a Community College System: Three different community college assessment specialists presented information concerning how to determine appropriate or standardized placement cut scores for students completing math and English assessment tests. Technical issues were discussed concerning programming of ACCUPLACER system to include various multiple measures (such as HS GPA, years of HS English, highest HS math course completed) as part of cut score levels which determine course placements. Information was presented about using combined multiple test scores to determine course placements and procedures for weighting specific test scores when determining course placements.

3) Creating Reports: User Defined Fields: This session focused on setting permission levels of various system users, creating and editing test site specifications, transfering test units and configuration of main testing site. Session also focused on instructions for creating various types of score reporting including parameters of Individual Score reports and Customized data summary reports which are utilized for downloading of student assessment data records to ITS Banner system for prerequisite verification.

4) The i3 and Platform 2 Systems - Consistencies and Improvements: This session discussed new additions to assessment item pool and content balance with respect to random selection of questions administered during a student testing session. New item pool features, including additional test questions concerning geometry and trigonometry were reviewed. Information concerning new ACCUPLACER diagnostic tests that determine specific student strengths and weaknesses was provided. These new diagnostics instruments will be available to all ACCUPLACER users beginning in Spring Semester 2010.

We will be meeting with the Counseling staff at Chabot College in the Fall Semester to review changes to the ACCUPLACER system and provide counselor training concerning retrieval look-up of individual student assessment scores online using the ACCUPLACER database web site.

The overall strength of this conference was the variety of workshop sessions available concerning the new functionality of the new i3 ACCUPLACER assessment platform and the opportunity to talk directly with main technical specialists responsible for development the ACCUPLACER system.


  • Joseph Kuwabara
  • Katrin Field
  • Debbie Laasse
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