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Library Research Guide: Iraq Crisis

Librarian's Index to the Internet Theme Collection: War and Peace
This is an excellent guide to quality sites on all issues related to the conflict between United States and Iraq

Operation Truth
A non-partisan website on information of soldiers' experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, provided by United States Veterans from both conflicts

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

News  | Background  |  Viewpoints  Stress Dealing with War at Home

News Sources--From Library Subscription Databases and the Web

Excellent resource available for news stories and backgrounds from all countries around the world!  Once you select a country, look at CountryWire for all sorts of news stories. 

Lexis-Nexis Academic: Quick News Search
Search through hundreds of international and U.S. newspapers, transcripts from television news, policy papers, magazines, and in the Quick News feature! 

Lexis-Nexis Academic: Today's News
Want to search through just today's headlines?  Lexis-Nexis also gives you the ability to just search through today's news stories, from the headlines printed this morning to later editions of AP News Wires.  From Guided News, select Today's News at Step One, and then enter your search terms.  Remember to try to be a bit more specific (just entering "iraq" may give you too many hits!)

Lexis-Nexis Academic: World News
For news from newspapers all over the world.  At Step One select World News and then at Step Two select the region you want to search. 

Lexis-Nexis Academic: California News
Your best filter for local coverage in Lexis-Nexis.  All ANG Newspapers (such as the Daily Review) as well as the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, and more are available through Western Regional News.  At Step One, select U.S. News and then at Step Two, select California News

News, Traffic and Weather
The Online Reference Shelf provides your gateway to quality news sites available online!

Alt-PressWatch is the database devoted to the alternative presses across the United States.  Most often reporting news, stories, and viewpoints that are covered less often in mainstream media, the alternative presses are also an excellent resource for reporting local cities' news and issues from across the United States.  Contains newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Ethnic NewsWatch
Ethnic NewsWatch is the database devoted to the ethnic, minority, and native presses from across the United States.  Especially rich in newspapers and magazines.

While also containing a number of journals, GenderWatch also contains a lot of newspapers and magazines that report the news from the perspective of gender issues.

Search Alt-PressWatch, Ethnic NewsWatch and GenderWatch at once

Google News Search
Rapidly becoming the news search engine of choice, Google collects in its news index, headlines from around the world from magazines, news web sites, and more!

BBC World Service
One of the main news resources available in countries all over the world.

United States News Networks: ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NPR
The main regular television, cable, and radio news networks provide latest information from their websites

Online News Hour
Website based on the famed PBS show, hosted by Jim Lehrer.  Reputable for its in-depth coverage on key world issues.

Democracy Now
Famed for providing news coverage not always covered by the main U.S. news networks, this show is hosted by Amy Goodman, and comes from the Pacifica Network.  You will
need Real Media to see or hear the stories and interviews covered.  Unfortunately, such capabilities are not available from most computers on campus.  In most cases, off campus only.

Lexis-Nexis Academic: Transcripts
Transcripts from various news sources, some going back to the 1980's-- includes news transcripts from CNN, CNN International, Fox News Network, NPR, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, CNBC News, Canadian Broadcastin Corporation, Al-Jazeera and more! 

Al Jazeera (through Lexis-Nexis Academic)
English translations of news coverage given from the Arab News Network known as Al-Jazeera.  Sometimes the first source to get yet to be confirmed  (as well as soon to be unconfirmed) news regarding the war.  Coverage is from January, 2002 to June, 2003 (no coverage during the time of September 11, available from this source)  


Librarians' Index to the Internet Theme Collection: War and Peace
From one of the best subject directories available, Librarians' Index to the Internet provides an excellent guide to quality sites on many issues related to the U.S./Iraq conflict.  More can be found in LII's Perspectives on Iraq.

Government Views on Iraq
From the Chief of the Government Documents Division of the Cohen Library of the City College of New York, this site provides links to primary sources, government documents, mostly from the U.S., but also from Great Britain and the United Nations on all issues pertaining to Iraq.  Updated frequently.

Facts on File Issues & Controversies
Provided by Facts on File, this library subscription database leads to general overviews along with pro and con arguments to controversial issues. 

Ebsco Host Academic Search Elite
Our main multi-subject periodicals database, Ebsco Host Academic Search Elite searches a collection including around 1,800 magazines and journals. 

Project MUSE
Project MUSE is a scholarly journals database and includes many titles related to international affairs, world cultures, and more! 

Ebsco Host Military and Government Collection
Once you are in Ebsco Host, select the Military and Government Collection below to search news from over 300 full-text military publications (magazines and journals), over 240 government pamphlets, and more! 

Library Catalog
Search the Library Catalog to find books, videos, and other materials related to issues such as Iraq, the Gulf War, the Middle East, and more!

Pamphlet Files
The Library is always collecting newspaper articles, pamphlets, and other paper resources in our Pamphlet Files.  Available as a filing cabinet behind the reference shelves, search the card catalog on top for topics, and then find related subject in the filing cabinet drawer.  For hot topics such as the current conflict, we may have some latest articles available at the reference desk.


Pros and Cons: Library Research Guide
This is our main Library Research Guide to pro and con issues, available online.  Take notice of especially descriptions of our print resources CQ Researcher, and Titles in Series we have such as Opposing Viewpoints, Current Controversies and Taking Sides

Facts on File Issues & Controversies
Issues & Controversies gives you good overviews of controversial subjects, including a good summary of the "for" and "against" arguments.  Also contains editorials. 

Ebsco Host Academic Search Elite
Ebsco Host contains lots of editorials and opinion articles.  There is a way to find them using this technique:  When getting into Academic Search Elite, on one of the search bars, enter your search terms in the top bar, then on the second bar, enter the following command-- Editorial OR opinion.  Will give you mainly articles expressing a columnist's own personal (and often also expert) viewpoints.

The United States' alternative presses often contain stories expressing all sorts of viewpoints.  Combine your search terms with "Opinion" or "Editorial" to better focus your search.  (Example: Iraq policy AND opinion)

Ethnic NewsWatch
The United States' ethnic presses often contain unique perspectives from the minority and ethnic presses.  Combine your search terms with "Opinion" or "Editorial" to better focus your search.  (Example: United Nations AND Iraq AND editorial)

The United States' journals, newspapers, and magazines devoted to gender issues can also provide unique viewpoint articles.  Combine your search terms with "Opinion" or "Editorial" to better focus your search.  (Example: George W. Bush AND Hussein AND opinion)

Search Alt-PressWatch, Ethnic NewsWatch and GenderWatch at once

Lexis-Nexis Academic
Search hundreds of newspapers, television news transcripts, magazines and more!  When entering your search, include the word "Editorial" as one of your search terms ("Opinion" is usually not necessary if you search in Quick News Search.  Editorials, regardless of labeling are already so marked in this database)

Lexis-Nexis Academic: World News
For news from newspapers all over the world.  At Step One select World News and then at Step Two select the region you want to search.  When entering your search, include the word "Editorial" as one of your search terms ("Opinion" is usually not necessary for articles published in the last three years.  Editorials, regardless of labeling are already so marked in this database)

California Journal (in Lexis-Nexis Academic)
For political stories related to California, you can search this publication on how United States foreign policy may be affecting political and state decisions at home.

Magazines and Newspapers that Generally Have a Viewpoint

Below is a list of magazines that have a politically slanted theme.  Click on the titles of the magazines to then browse or search for topics.  When you click on the title of the magazine, most often it will take you into the index of the title available through Ebsco Host or Lexis-Nexis.  The separate web link stated on the right goes to the magazine's publicly accessible web site.  Keep in mind that full text of all printed sources will usually only be found in the library subscription database, while the web site may have web-only features.  In Lexis-Nexis, you must click on Search This Title, first, perform s earch, and then look at your results related to your chosen publication.  (Note: The title below is only a selection and NOT complete.  More titles from right/left/ and in-between are available in the databases listed right above)

To the Left
  To the Right  
American Prospect Web site American Spectator Web site
In These Times Web site CATO Journal Web site
Mother Jones Web site Commentary Web site
Nation Web site Human Events Web site
New Republic Web site Insight on the News Web site
Progressive Web site National Review Web site Web site Weekly Standard Web site

Also check out these web sites:

To the Left
To the Right


Stress Dealing with the War at Home

Resilience in a Time of War
From the American Psychological Association, this site provides parenting advice on how to best cope during a time of war, including advice for parents and teachers on how to talk to children and students during a time of war.

This web site was last updated on November 2, 2004.  More categories and sites to come.

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