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California: Bay Area  
Golden Gate Bridge
Bay Area Overview

City of Hayward

ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments)

Bay Area Census
By county, city, small area, and Bay Area as a whole on population, race, sex, and housing.  Includes 2000, 1990, and historical data

Directory of Human Services For Alameda County

East Bay Online  
A guide to Web sites that focus on the Contra Costa and Alameda County area of California, including San Francisco

San Francisco History Index

The Green Gate: NRDC's Environmental Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area

From the Natural Resources Defense Council, a very informative site on the Bay Area's environment, including air, water, wildlife, urban life, and health

Access Northern California
This non-profit organization reports the handicapped-accessibility of  businesses and public facilities in the Northern California region


Bay Area College and Universities Link is currently down as of April 1, 2009.


Bay Area Hiker


Bay Area Transit Information
Links to Road conditions, public transportation, and other transportation needs

Bay Crossings
Ferry schedules and news of the Bay Area

Oakland Gas Prices

From, a consumer advocate site.  Take what is stated here with caution, as those who work in gas stations could post lures.  Scroll down to the bottom right for a particular area or station.


Bay Area Weather