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Fall 2014 Announcements  

The following information is for selected Nursing Program Students Only

Program Office * Skills LabMental HealthTutoring on campus *   APA Citation * Handbook

Calendar of Meetings/Events

Emails sent from the Program Office

To Class of 2016  - Spring 2015

16:35  Dosage calculation website:

16:34 Additional skills check off times available. See bulletin board in building 3100

16:33 Software discount available to Chabot College students:   

16:32 CNA Application Students completing the first semester of the nursing program are eligible to apply for their CNA License.  1. Complete the application, 2. Complete the LiveScan, 3. Submit those complete forms to the program office by February 26th 5PM. The program office will generate individual letters and submit the application to the CNA Board.

16:31: Election of Officers President: Michelle Herrera, Vice President: Crystal Moreno, Treasurer: Tracy Ngai, Secretary: Jennifer Lacy and Project Coordinator: Danielle Rio

Email 16:30 Check BB for first day of school locations for N60A and N59. First Year Rotation

To Class of 2015 - Spring 2015

Email 15:33 Dosage calculation website:

Email 15:32 Additional Skills check off times available. See bulletin board in building 3100

Email 15:31 Software discounts available to Chabot Students:   

Email:  All N60B will be on campus 0730 room 3116 - skills lab, please bring syllabus and stethoscope. Second Year Rotations

Program Skills Lab Hours

Students registered in the Chabot Nursing Program or in Nursing 84 have access to the Chabot Skills Lab. Each student is requried to register for all skills testing. Refer to individual course syllabi for required skills deadlines and testing requirements.

Chabot Skills Lab Hours: Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 0800 until 1600, Friday Open 0800 until 1300

Additional hours will be available. Check the sign up sheets on the nursing bulleting board in building 3100 for additional days and times.

Chabot Skills Lab Coordinator: Connie Gerton (510) 723.6953

Livermore Skills Lab  TBA.


Program Office Hours

Chabot Program office is open Monday through Friday 0830 - 1700 unless otherwise posted. You can contact the office (510) 723.6896 or via email  Administrative Assistant: Catherine Gentiluomo

Livermore Campus office is open Monday through Thursday 0900 - 1700, Friday 0900 - 1200 or unless otherwise posted. You can contact the office (925) 373.8090  Administrative Assistant: Barbara King


Compassionate Care AIDET

Words that Work to express Compassion and Caring:

Mental Health Counseling on Campus



As part of Student Services, mental health counseling services are currently offered in the Student Health Center, Bldg. 100, Room 120.  These services are free to our registered students.  Please refer your students for assistance who may benefit from our services. 


There is a short intake process with the Health Center Nurse Practitioner to ascertain any physical or medical issues, then the referral is made to the Mental Health Counselors.  Counselor schedules vary and students are served on a first-come/first-served basis unless they are in crisis, if in crisis they are given priority assistance.  Now is an excellent time to make this general announcement about services to students because we have appointments available.


Brief examples of some of the issues that student request assistance with are:









          Sleep Disorders

          Weight gain/loss

          Internet gambling

              And more


We offer classroom presentations during the semester. If you are interested, please return this email and let us know when a Mental Health Counselor can come to your classroom to provide a short presentation of the services available.  It is sometimes helpful for students to connect the face of a staff member with the services; it is less threatening somehow.  Over the years, we have also provided specific presentations for classrooms upon request such as stress relief, anxiety coping strategies and other topics.  Feel free to call me if you have a specific request.  I am available for consultation as needed.


To schedule a class presentation, that takes about 10-15 minutes, please provide the class, day, time and room number in your email.  We will confirm a presentation date with you. Student Health Center, Counseling Division Phone: 510.723.6615 Fax 510.723.7012  email contact


Tutoring on Campus

Welcome back everyone!  The tutoring labs across campus are now open. Below you will find their hours of operation.  
Students don't need to come in to PATH to schedule tutoring appointments anymore. They can schedule appointments ONLINE  at /learningconnection/ under the link "Appointment Scheduling."

PATH Lab, rm 2351 (Peer Academic Tutoring Help)
Monday, 3-7pm; Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-7pm
Math Lab, rm 3906
Monday-Thursday, 9am-6:45pm; Friday, 9am-12pm
WRAC Center, library Mezzanine (Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum)
Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm
Communication Lab, rm 803
Hours posted outside rm 803

APA (American Psychological Association)Citation Online

 The APA handout is also now available online as well at: /library/documents/chabotapaworkscited.pdf The APA handout is available on the 6th edition of the APA style manual.  The APA is the standard for the nursing program.


Student Handbooks

Handbook 2013- 2015

Handbook 2014-2016


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