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Student Success Kit:  Resources for Health Occupations Programs

Early Assessment and Intervention

1)      Early Assessment and Intervention Strategy: 

a)     Vocational/Aptitude Assessments:  are used to help students identify and validate realistic career goals.  Specific examples include assessments on interest, personality, values, and aptitude.  Assessment results provide students with information for realistic career decision-making, as well as providing alternative options.  The websites in this section provide highlights of some of the major testing vendors' vocational/aptitude assessments.

        Virtual Career CenterChabot Nursing Students

        Advisor Teamís Academic Services 

        Bridges Career Aptitude Survey

        Career/Life Skills Career Interest Inv

        Bridges Choices

        Career/Life Skills COPSystem


        Monster Tools

        Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

        Psychological Services Bureau

        ACT WorkKeys

b)      Academic Assessment:  provide counselors and deans/directors with an early indication of studentsí probability of meeting academic challenges for specific programs.  If academic weaknesses are identified prior to entering training programs, students can be referred for remediation to maximize their potential for success.  The websites in this section provide highlights of some of the major testing vendorsí academic assessments.

        Assessment Technologies, Inc.

        Educational Resources Inventory

        Health Education Systems, Inc.

        Pre-Requisite Validation

Copied from "Student Success Kit - Health Occupations" CD, California Community Colleges


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