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Student Success Kit:  Resources for Health Occupations Programs

1)      Student Preparation Strategies for Health Occupations:  This section of preparation resources is provided to help assure that admitted students are ready to meet the realities and rigors of a training program. Chabot Nursing Students

a)      Early Assessment and Intervention

b)      Student/Family Preparation

c)      Job Shadowing

d)      Preparatory Courses

2)      Student Retention Strategies:  This section includes student retention strategies to help assure that students are successful in their respective training/education programs.

a)      Student Health Services 

b)      Overcoming Barriers to SuccessChabot Nursing Students and Connie Telles, Nursing Instructor

c)      Program Delivery

d)      Support Groups

e)      Tutoring

f)        Student Success Resources

3)    Strategies for Student Success in Health Occupations - A Model Curriculum :  This section is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to determine a career path based on a realistic understanding of the occupation and their aptitude for the role.  Specific activities assist the student to critically analyze strengths; develop strategies to strengthen areas needing improvement; identify and located social and financial resources; develop and/or enhance language, math and communication skills; and to develop and enhance self-assessment and critical thinking skills.

Copied from "Student Success Kit - Health Occupations" CD, California Community Colleges


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