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Student Success Kit:  Resources for Health Occupations Programs

Program Delivery

Both the mode and speed of course delivery can affect students' success learning/mastering course material.  This section includes three  major sub-sections:  Distance Learning Assessment, Varying Modes of Delivery, and Varying Speeds of Delivery.  Targeting programs or courses in which there is high student attrition or low enrollment, explore the various options with your students for either altering the mode (manner) of course delivery, or the speed with which the course is delivered.Chabot Nursing Students

1)      Distance Learning Assessment:  provides sample tools to determine whether or not distance learning is an appropriate mode of course/program delivery for an individual student or group of students who plan to enroll in a specific training program.  Students seeking patient care-related training program (i.e. physical therapy) may be less inclined to enroll in an on-line program than those who are seeking computer-focused training programs ( i.e. Health Information Technician).

a)      Readiness Checklist

b)    Occupations Student Survey

2)      Varying Modes of Delivery:  is helpful for programs which are offered at a limited number of community colleges in your region (i.e. Dental Hygiene); for which a limited number of students tend to enroll (i.e. Speech Language Pathology Assistant); and/or for colleges in rural areas.  Web resources provide options and resources for lecture courses, while different strategies and sample resources are provided for Modular, On-line, and Videoconference course delivery.

a)      Lecture/Discussion

b)    Modular Program

c)    Online Program

d)    Videoconference

3)     Varying Speeds of Delivery:  is considered for program in which a majority of students must work, there is high attrition, and/or for students who must commute to the campus from areas outside the college service area.  Based upon students' needs, courses/programs maybe offered part-time, full-time, or at an accelerated pace.  The later of these, Accelerated Delivery, is provided as a strategy and resource.

    a)     Accelerated Delivery   

Copied from "Student Success Kit - Health Occupations" CD, California Community Colleges


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