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Student Success Kit:  Resources for Health Occupations Programs

Student Health Services

1)      Screening Tools / Assessments

a)      Anger Management

b)    Anxiety Disorders

c)    How Healthy is Your Relationship?

d)    Substance Abuse

e)    Do You Have Test Anxiety?

2)      Information Flyers

a)      Anger Management

b)    Anxiety and Panic Attacks

c)    Depression -- There is Help

d)    Normal Nutrition

Chabot Nursing Students

e)    Eating on the Run

f)    When Eating Becomes a Problem

g)    Healthy Relationships

h)    Single Parenting

i)    Sleep:  ABCs of  ZZZs

j)    Stress Management

k)    Identifying Test Anxiety

l)    Cold and Flu

Copied from "Student Success Kit - Health Occupations" CD, California Community Colleges


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