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Advanced Standing Application Process

We will not be accepting transfer students (from one Registered Nursing School to Chabot) into the nursing program.  We are accepting LVN-RN program students and re-admission students from the Chabot Program.(Carefully follow the steps below):

1.   If you are not currently a student of record at Chabot College, a Chabot College application must be submitted to the college prior to applying to the Advanced Standing LVN-RN Registered Nursing Program.  This application can be submitted electronically by going to Apply to Chabot College

2.   Complete the Advanced Standing Application.(WORD, PDF) Available after April 1, 2016.

3.   Print, sign and mail the Advanced Standing Application to Chabot College, Admission and Records, 25555 Hesperian Blvd. Hayward, CA  94545 and include one copy of your official transcripts from all previously attended schools and colleges.   Hand carried transcripts will not be accepted.  If you are an LVN please include a copy of your LVN License and a current CPR card (front/back). ONLY LVN's applying for 30 unit option must also submit their high school transcripts or GED verification. 

5.   To verify receipt of the official transcripts, go online to Class-Web.  Due to the volume of applicants we are not able to notify students individually if any information is missing.

6.  LVN's selecting Option 1 or 3 and Advanced Standing students should make an appointment with a Counselor  for a preliminary evaluation when your transcripts have arrived at the college. It will also be helpful for you to take the Advanced Standing Application with you when you meet with the counselor, who will evaluate your transcripts as it applies to your specific goals.

7. After evaluation of your applicaton and transcripts, admission and records will send the completed evaluation packet to the Nursing Program Director for a secondary review. You will then be notified BY MAIL regarding your eligibility and courses required for you to enter and the program. Please allow 6-8 weeks for this process to complete.

8.  After receipt of your letter from the Nursing Program Director, students wishing to enter the Nursing Program must complete all course or testing as outlined in their letter. Student should contact Connie Gerton (510) 723.6953 for an appointment to review skills testing and requirements at the beginning of the semester. Student are required to take N84 to utilize the skills lab. LVN's will be required to enroll in Nursing 70 and Nursing 70L "LVN to RN Transition" Course. This course is a review of nursing topics including nursing care plan, nursing process, communication principles, and legal/ethical concepts common to the role of the registered nurse. It will explain the functions of the California Board of Registered Nursing and selected psychomotor skills utilized by the registered nurse in delivery of patient care.

9.      Advanced standing students (transfers or readmitted Chabot College nursing students) are admitted on a space-available basis.  Applications who first demonstrate they are qualified for any openings will be the first to be admitted.  Should 2 or more applicants meet the qualifications at the same time, random selection will be conducted.

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