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First: Complete your pre-requisite science, Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology. You must work as an LVN for 500 hours or one year.

Second: Decide on which LVN to RN option you want to pursue as preparation for your RN licensing examination. Begin slowly, especially if you are working full time. If you are choosing option one or three, it is better to take no more than two courses per semester rather than over extend yourself.

Third: Take the Chabot College English and Math Assessments Tests if you have not completed college level English and Math at another college.

Fourth :  Attend a Mandatory Orientation for Fall 2015 is May 12th at 10:00  Room 2258.  Bring a copy of the front and back of your LVN License and CPR Card. Also a letter stating you are working or have worked for 500 hours or one year as an LVN. No reservations are required.

Fourth: TEAS test. Version V: All nursing program applicants must take and pass this test with an Adjusted Individual Score of 62%.   Information  about the test and books go to  Chabot only accepts the first TEAS taken. The Nursing Program offers this test in May of each year.

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