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Nursing - LVN to RN


  1. You must hold a California license as an LVN and be currently working (one year).

  2. The student must have a minimum College GPA of 2.5 ("C") or better. You can have only one "C" in the sciences coursework and can may repeat one course with a "W" or failing grade.

  3. The student must have completed the following 3 Chabot College courses, or their equivalent, with a "C" or better, total science GPA must be 2.5 or better. Combined A/P courses must be taken at the same college/university.

    • Anatomy 1

    • Physiology 1* (4-5 Semester units with lab) AND

    • Microbiology 1* (4-5 Semester units with lab) AND

    • Nursing 70 and Nursing 70L(Nursing Theory: LVN-RN Transitions), a "bridging" course.

    • Mandatory May 10, 2016 at 10:00, Room 2258, Building 2200 2nd floor or one in May TBA 10:00AM Building 2200, 2nd Floor, Room 2258. No Reservations are required. Please bring a copy of your LVN License and CPR card front/back and a letter from your employer stating your have worked as an LVN for 500 hours or one year.

    *Physiology and Microbiology must be completed before enrolling in Nursing 70

  4. Validation of prior knowledge of Fundamentals, Maternal-Child Health and Pharmacology concepts and competence in clinical nursing skills (equivalent to that of generic students completing the first two semesters of Nursing Program) are required.

  5.  Since persons who are admitted on Advanced Standing basis (including the LVN) are admitted on a space-available basis and ranked as noted.

  6. Complete the Advanced Standing Application. The Advanced Standing application opens April 1st through October 1st of each year.



A. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you complete Biology 31 and Chemistry 30A prior to taking Physiology 1 and Microbiology 1.

B. Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) tests are used to assess knowledge and facilitate program placement. You may take these tests while completing Physiology 1 and Microbiology 1 or while enrolled in Nursing 70. The tests are:
Fundamentals of Nursing, Pharmacology, Nursing Care of Children and Maternal Newborn Nursing- Approximate Cost: $50 each

Testing is integrated in the transition N70 coursework. A bundle payment will be required for the group of ATI Tests.
Please note: no more than 2 attempts may be made on the assessment exams and test scores are valid for 2 years.
After successfully passing the above tests, you will be eligible for validation of clinical skills (see Skills Validation). For additional information please purchase Advanced Standing Clinical Performance Examination Guidelines.


Upon admission to the program, medical examination2, as well as immunization records, must be completed on forms and filed with the program office. Evidence of current 2 year American Heart Association HealthCare Provider CPR certification is required and fees for in-program testing and background check/drug screen clearance will be assessed.

Courses required for the A.A. Degree in Nursing


Physical Education: Completion of one units of physical education is required for all students who are seeking the A.A. Degree. Exemption is allowed for illness or physical disability by filing a physician's statement at the Admissions and Records Office. Students who hold an A.A. Degree or higher are also exempt.

You must complete all Natural Science courses prior to entry to the nursing program. It is recommended that these courses be as recent as possible.

Note:  Biology 31 and  Chemistry 30A are required if you complete the above Natural Science courses at Chabot or Las Positas Colleges.

Other curriculum requirements mandated by the California Board of Registered Nursing include the following required courses:

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