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APPLICATION PROCESS - Accepted April 1st - October 1st of each year.

(Carefully follow the steps below):

1.     Complete one year of work as an LVN in the state of California or 500 hours of work under the LVN license.

2.  Complete your pre-requisites; human anatomy, human physiology and microbiology must be 4-5 semester units with lab. Minimum GPA of 2.5 in sciences is required. Only one "C", or one withdrawal, failure OR incomplete allowed in the all science courses combined.

3.  If you are not currently a student of record at Chabot College, a Chabot College application must be submitted to the college prior to applying to the Advanced Standing Registered Nursing Program.  This application can be submitted electronically by going to

4.      Request official transcripts from all previously attended schools* and colleges include those transcripts with your application.

5.      Complete the Advanced Standing Application between April 1 and Oct 1 WORD Doc or PDF format.

6.      Make an appointment with a Counselor when your transcripts have arrived at the college. To verify receipt of official transcripts, go online to Class-Web.  It will also be helpful for you to take the Advanced Standing Application with you when you meet with the counselor, who will evaluate your transcripts as it applies to your specific goals.

7.      Your overall grade point average (GPA) must be at least 2.0.

8. Take and pass the TEAS version V(5.0) with 62% Adjusted Individual Score. This test is offered at Chabot in May of each year.

9. Mandatory Orientation: Fall 2016 admission you must attend one of the two orientations held in December or May of each year. Meeting Dates/Times

* Transcripts from NCP and Unitek will not show on your Classweb Student Records listing of transcripts.


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