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COADN Nursing Student Scholarship

The Northern California Organization of Associate Degree Directors' is offering up to ten (10) Scholarships for $600 each to nursing program students. Deadline is March 4, 2016. Apply today. Application WORDPDF

Quality Scholarship Collaborative

e-Quality Scholarship available totaling $114, 000. Deadline February 1, 2016

Health Professional Education Foundation

The Health Professions Education Foundation  financial incentives, scholarships and loan repayments for students enrolled in a healthcare related program and for healthcare professionals in California. For more information visit their website or (800)773.1669

Nurse Corp Scholarship

The 2015 NURSE Corps Scholarship Program application cycle is now open and will close on May 21, 2015 at 7:30p.m. Eastern Time (ET).  Please refer to the 2015 Application and Program Guidance for all of the program requirements.

This Program assists students completing their nursing education by paying tuition, fees, other education costs, while providing a monthly living stipend. The program is open to full-time or part-time nursing students accepted or enrolled in diploma, associate, baccalaureate or graduate nursing programs at accredited schools located in the U.S. Upon graduation, scholarship program members fulfill a service commitment at an eligible NURSE Corps site.

The NURSE Corps Scholarship Program continues to be competitive and applicants are encouraged to begin the application process early as on average it takes approximately 3 weeks to complete the application.

Applicants are encouraged to participant in two application technical assistance conference calls with program staff.  Prior to the calls, applicants are also encouraged to view the NURSE Corps Scholarship Technical Assistance Webinar with more information on the application process and service requirements.


FAFSA Workshops

Financial Aid Workshops .  The workshops are open to our Chabot students, and the larger community and are intended to help them with a successful FAFSA submission.
 All students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA's by then to be considered for the most financial aid available. This includes:

Chabot College Nursing Program Scholarship

Chabot College Nursing Program has additional funding to assist students with unmet financial needs or unexpected financial circumstances If you are currently enrolled in the Nursing Program and are in good standing you may qualify for financial aid through the Chabot Nursing Program. Due to the limits in funding, the maximum award over two years for the scholarship is $500. Students must comply with Chabot College Financial aid regulations and have an unmet need via their federal financial aid evaluation FAFSA.

The student should complete the application and submit with supporting documentation to Chabot College Nursing Program, Scholarship Committee, Room 2273, 25555 Hesperian Blvd. Hayward, CA 94545. on or before the first of each month. The scholarship committee will review completed scholarship packets within a week of receipt. For unexpected emergency financial circumstances, students may submit the scholarship packet at any time for committee consideration.

Any funding awarded will be reported to Chabot College Financial Aid Office. Any award could affect your financial aid package. The Financial Aid Office is required to include all potential awards against your financial aid package and your financial aid award may be adjusted.  If the student leaves the Nursing Program prior to the end of the semester in which the funds are received, the funds are expected to be re-paid to the program. Student leaving the program prior to the end of the semester in which they receive the funds will not be allowed re-admission funds are not re-paid.

Questions? Contact Kim Cristobal, Committee Chairperson, Room 2048, 510.723.2159. or   

Chabot College Financial Aid

Information for Financial Aid through Chabot College go to:

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