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Online Teaching at Chabot College

Course Site(s) Access Request

The following form is intended for faculty teaching with Blackboard or Canvas who would like to grant/allow course site access to specific individuals such as another instructor or a student. Faculty requesting access for a student should read about student confidentiality & privacy, and campus liability.

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Course and access information

In Canvas or Blackboard?: *  

(example: BUS 15 Sec 001 OR 23456)

Additional sites (if applicable):

Name of individual(s) to provide site access to:

Current role of the above individual(s) at Chabot College:  

(NOTE: If you selected "other," please explain in the comments below how this person is affiliated with Chabot. Please note that we may need to contact the dean or administrative assistant for your respective division dean for approval prior to providing access.


Please select the level of access from one of the four roles listed below:

Student-level access (Student TA/Learning Assistants/Student Assistants/Tutors). Regular student access, same as all of your enrolled students.

Course Builder: to assist in the creation of content, especially within the Test Manager, Pool Manager, and Survey Manager, but ideal when student privacy of grades is a concern because they have no access to the Grade Center, Course Statistics, or Messages. Okay for Chabot students/TA's, but not available to students currently enrolled in the course.

Online Course Evaluator (AVAILABLE TO FACULTY ONLY): For faculty assigned to evaluate an online course. The evaluator will have student-level access to the specified course site. By default, the evaluator will be unable to access the site until the evaluee provides the access.

Basically the same level of access as an instructor, but the benefit of assigning this role is that TA will not receive emails sent by students via the "Send Email" which are intended for the instructor.

(same as the instructor of record). Intended for instructors who are team-teaching but for whatever reason were not officially listed in Class-Web. Note that if students use the "Send Email" function, this person may receive the same emails intended for you.

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