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Online Teaching at Chabot College

Content-related Online Engagement Best Practices

The following suggestions were contributed from the Online Engagement Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG).

Ways to make content more relevant to students
  • Instructor should establish relevance at the beginning of each class and reiterate with each assignment
  • Whenever possible, use content that is current and relevant to students' lives. Try to use topics that will be relevant to a diverse student population; not just certain groups (teens, adults, etc.)
Ways to engage students in content
  • Create a "buddy system" for students who have established the need for support
  • Tie topics in (wherever possible) to current events in the media so students get "extra" exposure through normal media interaction
  • Offer extra credit to 1-2 students who want to generate a blog for the semester
Tips for using content-related online tools
  • Create assignments that incorporate social networking and communication tools.
  • Use folders to organize assignments due by week which keeps (Week 1, Week 2, etc. folders)
  • Use navigation menus to clearly delineate assignments, materials, etc. For example, name tabs clearly such as "Syllabus," "Essays," etc.
Tips for inviting students to use content-related tools and sources
  • Use examples and invite students to showcase ways they have used the applications
  • Offer extra credit to 1-2 students who would like to start a BlogSpot (health, consumerism, student online experiences, female voice, etc.)
Tips for disappearing students
  • Communicate often
  • Contact them, don't wait for them to contact you
  • Praise often
  • Reiterate student expectations and methods for contacting the instructor
  • Offer an online student/faculty social hour mid-semester
  • Send multiple emails
  • Offer either a phone conversation or face-to-face meeting to get a better understanding of the reasons for the students' disappearance and explore ways to assist the student in completing the semester



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