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Online Teaching at Chabot College

Pedagogy-related Online Engagement Best Practices

The following suggestions were contributed from the Online Engagement Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG).

Communication Skills
  • Always remember that the lack of visual cues in online, asynchronous communication require more careful crafting. For example, try to be aware of possible cultural sensitivities. Be sure to maintain a respectful, non-emotional voice.
  • Model for students the proper methods and formats for assignments (discussion board posts, communication with other students/instructor and essays).
  • Communicate often and offer a variety of ways for students to contact the instructor
Course Readings on Web
  • Make sure that assigned online readings are current and relevant to the material being discussed
Online Discussions
  • Be active and present in the Discussion Boards. Respond to all students in a rotation (not just those who post early or often). Model your posts on what you would like to see from students
  • Have an "Ask the Professor" Discussion Board forum. This will help many students who have questions but may be too timid to ask
  • Be courteous and open
Peer Reviews
  • Use rubrics to help guide peer reviewers
  • Encourage congruence between ratings (if you use rubrics) and commentary.
Providing Feedback
  • Always include something positive along with any constructive criticism. For example, ending essay end comments on a positive note along with suggestions for improvement
  • Provide feedback quickly and often
  • Email students that finish their work early with praising comments. Tell them you appreciate their initiative
  • Email the class regularly with general feedback on recent assignments, talking about general trends of the work
  • Respond in a timely manner for emails, posts, essay feedback etc. Don’t let too much time pass between feedback.
  • Give feedback informing students where they stand at midterm (week 8) and have students submit a final reflections essay at the end of the semester.
  • Add a "student expectations" survey at the beginning of the semester and a "how is the semester going" survey around week 4 just to keep up with how students are doing.



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