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Online & Hybrid Course Evaluations

Teaching OnlineThe evaluation of online and hybrid courses follows a similar process as the evaluation of face-to-face courses. There are some slight variances in the process due to the online medium.

Who Should be Evaluated?

In addition to any tenure track, tenured, and part-time instructor that will have an online course evaluated as part of their regular evaluation cycle, the Faculty Association contract states that "unit members shall be evaluated during their first Distance Education course" (10F.3a).

The Process: Faculty Association MOU

To start, please refer to the Faculty Association contract Article 10F.3k. Evaluation of Distance Education Instructional Faculty for updated procedures for both Evaluee and Evaluator.

Form: Observation of Instruction - Online Class

The official Observation of Instruction Form for an Online Class is located on the CLPCCD Human resources website. Please note that the direct link may change. If the direct link does not work, please locate the form on the HR forms page.

Inform your Division Dean

Make sure that your evaluation/the course you are evaluating is on the list collected by your Division Dean and/or Administrative Assistant. Each division will send their list of evaluations to the office of the VP of Academic Services, who will put together a college-wide list. An accurate list of online evaluations is also essential to the implementation of the Student Response to Instruction Surveys.

Student Response to Instruction Survey

The online Student Response to Instruction Surveys will be conducted at the same time college-wide.

All evaluations requiring an online Student Response to Instruction Survey should be on a list submitted through each division. Hybrid instructors can decide if they would prefer that their evaluator administer the Student Survey in-person, depending on the frequency of on-campus meetings.

Once we have a complete list from each division, we will work with the FA to determine a two-week period for the online Student Response to Instruction Survey to be implemented in all online courses being observed for the current term.

Note: The online survey is intended for fully online courses; for hybrids, it is recommended to use the Observation of Instruction Form for an Online Class in class for a better response rate.

Give your Evaluator Access

Whether the course is in Canvas or Blackboard, the Instructor requests to give the Evaluator access to the course site through the online Course Site Access Request form.

For Canvas: Please indicate on the form when the Evaluator should be added.

For Blackboard: Please read below.

According to the FA agreement, the evaluator's access to the site will be at the Student level and is by default set to "unavailable," so that the instructor of the course can grant access during the 24-hr period that the observation will take place (see steps below).

Once the instructor and evaluator have determined a date and agreed upon a time frame (24 hours) for the observation, the instructor can simply change the evaluator's access to "available" using the provided steps below:

  - Go to the Control Panel area
     (under "Course Management")
  - Click on Users and Groups
  - Click on Users

Users and Groups
  - Next to the evaluator's username,
     click on the drop-down arrow
  - Select Change Users Availability in Course
  - For Available (this course only),
     change the option to Yes
  - Click Submit.

NOTE: The same steps should be used to change the evaluator's Availability to No once the 24 hour period is complete.

Also, after the observation is complete, the instructor should contact us to let us know that the evaluator’s access should be completely removed from the course site.

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