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Blackboard/Online Teaching Resources for Instructors

The Online Learning Link
A publication for Faculty about Online Learning at Chabot College

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NewsletterTired of a full email inbox? We will include all non-urgent Online Learning and Blackboard information in this monthly publication. Be sure to check out each edition of The Online Learning Link for important information and announcements.

NEW: Student Drop-in Online Learning Orientation and On-campus Assistance
Online Learning now offers students an opportunity to get in-person guidance in Student Online Services (Building 700, Room 709) during the hours of:
  Mondays 1pm - 4pm
  Tuesdays 9am - 12pm
  Thursdays 1pm - 4pm
  Fridays 10am - 12pm
Students can drop-in for an online learning orientation, how to log in to Blackboard, how to get started in their online class, how to use Blackboard, and tips for online learning success. Students requiring technical support (such as password resets or tech-issues) should still be directed to use the help form at  /online/help/default.asp or email  onlinelearning@chabotcollege.edu. Any changes to hours will be posted at  /online/

@One logoOnline Training
@One recently released their latest online course and desktop seminar offerings. Registration is available at http://www.onefortraining.org/ .
Upcoming Online Courses ($65):
  Introduction to Teaching with Blackboard 9.1
    (Mon.10/15 - Fri.11/9)
  Creating Accessible Online Courses
    (Mon.9/17 - Fri.10/12)
  Designing Effective Online Assessments
    (Mon.9/17 - Fri.10/12)
  Building Online Community with Social Media
    (Mon.9/10 - Fri.10/5)
Upcoming Desktop Seminars (free):
  Mobile Teaching: Don't Leave Home Without It:
    (Tues. 10/2 - 12pm)
  Enhancing Your Productivity w/ Free Web-based Tools
    (Wed. 10/10 - 12pm)

Teach an Online or Hybrid Course in Spring 2013
If you are looking to teach an online or hybrid course in Spring 2013, it's time to make progress on the Online/Hybrid Course Approval Process. Online/Hybrid course proposals are due on Monday, September 10, 2012. The first step is to view the Online Course Consultation website and the Detailed Process Overview before you write your proposal. These pages will provide important steps and details for this process. Please let us know if you have any questions about online teaching.

Blackboard: New Features and Enhancements
Just before the start of the summer session, the Blackboard server underwent a minor upgrade and introduced a few new features and enhancements, including: interactive rubrics, auto-submission of timed assessments, and additional assignment activities in Needs Grading. Instructors can now choose to make a timed assessment save and submit automatically when the timer expires, or to allow the assessment to continue beyond the allotted time. In addition, Gradable Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and Discussion Board activity can now appear on the Needs Grading page. Find out more details about these new features and enhancements.

Why it's Important to Save your Student Emails
It is always good practice to save your emails just in case a student issue arises after the semester ends (this is especially important for online instructors). Another reason to archive emails is due to a recent shift in the federal definition of the "last date of attendance." The last date of attendance is defined as the last day a student has an academically-related interaction (not just the last date the student logged into the course site). This date could be the date of a Discussion Board post, a completed assignment, or even email communication between the student and the instructor related to the course material.
It could be necessary to produce proof of this last date of attendance in the event of a federal or accreditation audit, which could have federal funding implications. So, please remember to save email communications with your students. In Groupwise ("Chabot email") you can save emails by simply not deleting them. Consider organizing your emails into folders so that you can more easily locate a student conversation later.

GradesBlackboard Grade Center
Still using grading software? A web-based alternative to grading software is the Blackboard Grade Center. The Grade Center allows instructors to enter grades of in-class coursework, is automatically linked to online assignments and exams, calculates grade totals, and allows the option of weighted grades (and more). More information on the Grade Center.

Blackboard Mobile Changes
Blackboard Mobile is a mobile device application which provides students and instructors access to their Blackboard courses and content using their smart phone, iPod, or iPad. Starting in early September 2012, the free version of this App will prompt you to pay either $1.99 (for one-year) or $5.99 (for an unlimited amount of time). You can purchase this app within the App Store on your device. This purchased version will add the ability to connect to Blackboard Mobile via Wi-Fi or your provider's network connection (3G/4G). More information on Blackboard Mobile.
Volume 4, August 2012

Semester Startup:
Get your Blackboard site up and running this term.

Still need to request your Blackboard sites?  Request Blackboard sites via CLASS-Web

Have content from a previous semester? How to copy content from one Blackboard site to another.

Need instructions for building content in Blackboard? Steps for building basic content.

Want to view your course site from the student perspective? Use your "fake student" account.

As students are now uploaded to Blackboard, once your Blackboard sites are ready, please be sure to make your Blackboard sites available to students.

Tips for getting your Online Course started:
Make sure that your course entry point is informative and lets students know where to get started. Opening announcements should include where students can find the Syllabus, Assignments, your contact information (and personal introduction), and how they should get started in the class. We recommend sending this information in an email as well as the instructions for logging into Blackboard, so that they are aware the course is available.
Make your menu buttons/links clear so that students can easily navigate the course. Place the main areas  (such as Assignments) towards the top of the menu, so that students can easily find important content.

Include in your Syllabus when students can expect a reply email from you (within 24 hours, 48 hours, or a reasonable time for you). You may also want to include the days you are generally online, to prevent students from expecting a response on a weekend if you are not online. You may also include how often you expect them to be online within the course site.

Make sure that your online students have a place to ask questions about the course, Syllabus, or assignments. Many instructors create a Discussion Board forum for question/answer. Students can post questions that are answered by the instructor (or even a knowledgeable student). 
Keep up communication with your students. Post and send out Announcements frequently (especially in the first week) to remind students of the coursework. They will appreciate the information and know that you are very involved in the class. Feel free to include encouragement or praise to help with motivation.

Bb LogoBlackboard Tips

Send a copy of your Announcements by email:

Many instructors were disappointed when the previous function of emailing a copy of the announcement text changed. With a recent update, you can now email the text of an Announcement!

On the Create Announcement page, you will now find the option to "Email Announcement: Send a copy of this announcement immediately" (under Web Announcement Options).

Email Announcement Text

Select this option to email a copy of your Announcement to your students. Please be aware that the email is sent out immediately and it does not adhere to any date restrictions set for the Announcement. So, if you are creating an Announcement in advance, you should wait to select this option until you are ready for students to read the text of the announcement. You can always go back into the Announcement settings (Edit) to select this option once the Announcement is available.

Make unused Tools unavailable to students:

In your course Tools area, hide unused tools from student view to avoid confusion. To do so, click into the Tools area (you will see tools such as Announcements, Groups, and Blackboard Help). Next to each tool that you will not be using, click the Hide Link button. This will ensure that students do not see and access tools that are not used for the course.

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A publication by the Chabot College Online Learning Staff

Minta Winsor, Distance/Online Education Coordinator; Blackboard System Administrator
Lisa Ulibarri, Instructional Designer/Developer; Blackboard System Administrator

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