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Blackboard/Online Teaching Resources for Instructors

The Online Learning Link
A publication for Faculty about Online Learning at Chabot College

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Welcome to the Fall 2014 semester! As a reminder, the Online Learning Link includes important information and announcements about Online Teaching & Learning and Blackboard at Chabot College.

Remember Accessibility when Creating Documents
One challenge of online teaching is the need to create materials that are accessible to all students. Nathanial Rice, Alternate Media Production & Technology Specialist for the Disabled Student Resource Center, recently sent out a valuable email containing "cheat sheets" to help in creating simple accessible documents. As you create new documents for use in Blackboard, you may want to refer to these "cheat sheets" to ensure that your documents are accessible to all learners.

Word 2007/2010: http://ncdae.org/resources/cheatsheets/pdf/word.pdf

PowerPoint 2013: http://ncdae.org/resources/cheatsheets/pdf/powerpoint2013.pdf

PDF: http://ncdae.org/resources/cheatsheets/pdf/pdf.pdf

More "cheat sheets": http://ncdae.org/resources/cheatsheets/#cheatsheet1a

Online Learning Student Support: support for students
Send us your students!

If you have students who need assistance with Blackboard or an online/hybrid course, please direct them to the Online Learning website at  http://www.chabotcollege.edu/online where they can submit a help request online. The Online Learning website provides students a wealth of information and resources, including steps for logging into Blackboard and using common tools within Blackboard, steps for setting up a preferred email account for Blackboard, as well as a self-paced Orientation to Online Learning. The orientation consists of video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions, as well as tips for student success with online learning.

Online Learning Student Support also offers an opportunity for students to drop-in to get in-person assistance on their online learning needs with an Online Learning Student Assistant. Working with an experienced online student, students can ask for assistance on a range of topics, including logging into Blackboard and getting started with their online/hybrid course. Hours and location are listed at http://www.chabotcollege.edu/online/DropIn/.

Article: What Online Students Want Compared to What Institutions Expect
The Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration from The University of West Georgia recently published an article on online student expectations. The study surveyed a sample of adult online students regarding their expectations of online instructors.

While the results were surprising, they can also provide insight into our own online students. For instance, the survey reports that students expect that online faculty should be expected to respond to email inquiries from students within twelve hours of receipt. While this may not be reasonable for all online instructors, the lesson here is to make your own policies clear. Make sure that students know what they can expect from you as an instructor.

To read the full survey results and article, visit: http://www.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/summer172/bailie172.html

Highlights from theCOOL:
A spotlight on the activities of the Committee On Online Learning.

The Committee On Online Learning (COOL) will soon reconvene for the 2014-2015 semester. Both Wanda Wong (Business Faculty) and Minta Winsor (Distance Education Coordinator) are returning as co-chairs and look forward to another productive year with such a hard-working committee.

If you are looking to teach an online or hybrid course, the COOL facilitates the Online/Hybrid Course Approval Process. The first step in the process involves research and an assessment of faculty skills. Our Online Course Consultation page provides a variety of best-practice resources for getting started. The complete steps and forms are available on the COOL Website.

Volume 21, August 2014

Bb LogoBlackboard Tips

Semester Startup:

green checkboxRequest Blackboard Sites:

If you haven't already done so, you can request your Fall Blackboard sites at any time before or throughout the semester. To request Blackboard sites, simply log into CLASS-Web, click on the Menu for Faculty Staff & Advisors, scroll down to the Blackboard Course Site Request link, and get started by selecting the semester and campus. Click here for detailed instructions.

green checkboxWant to copy over your content from a previous site? View steps on how to use the Course Copy tool. Once you've initiated the Course Copy, you will receive an email once the process is complete. Reminder: The copy process may take several hours. Please wait for the email confirmation prior to attempting the copy process again to avoid duplicate content.

green checkboxMake your course site Available: 

As students are now uploaded to Blackboard, once you are ready for students to access your course site please be sure to make your Blackboard site Available to students: Go to the Control Panel area > Select Customization > Click Properties > Under the Availability option: select Yes > Submit. Your course is now available for students to access. You may want to send students an email as well so that they are aware the course site is available in Blackboard.

green checkboxWant to view your course site from the student perspective? Use your "fake student" account.

green checkboxNeed instructions for building content in Blackboard?  Steps for building basic content  

green checkboxWant to give another instructor access to your course site? Course Site Access Request                            

Copy and Paste not working in Bb?

A recent issue that has come to our attention is a problem with Copy/Paste not working within Blackboard. According to one source, the issue is the result of browsers moving away from copying and pasting from the clipboard to prevent malware and viruses from traveling from site to site.

Blackboard recommends that you use the copy/paste into/from a format-free program such as NotePad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac). Note that these programs strip the font styles and formatting. If you are copy/pasting within Bb and want to retain the formatting, another work-around is to copy/paste everything using the HTML button in the text-editor.

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The Online Learning Link is a publication by the Chabot College Online Learning Staff

Minta Winsor, Distance Education Coordinator
Lisa Ulibarri, Instructional Designer/Developer


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