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Blackboard/Online Teaching Resources for Instructors

The Online Learning Link
A publication for Faculty about Online Learning at Chabot College

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The Online Learning Link includes important information and announcements about Online Teaching & Learning and Blackboard at Chabot College.

3C Media logo 3C On-Demand Videos
3C Media Solutions is the grant-funded delivery system for distance education, training and meeting collaboration, linking the 112 campuses of the California Community College System. Instructors who create their own videos can use 3C media to upload videos for sharing. Instructors can also utilize videos already saved on 3C Media. The collection boasts a wide range of video topics ranging from subject specific content to using Apps for online classes.

To learn more about 3C Media, and request an account, visit http://www.3cmediasolutions.org/.

To access videos, visit http://www.3cmediasolutions.org/video/all-videos

View an archived webinar on how to "Easily Store + Share your Media (and other) Files with 3C Media Solutions."

@One logo@One Online Courses & Webinars

The @One Project offers classes and webinars for California Community College Faculty and Staff. Current and future @One online courses are of minimal cost and are listed at http://www.onefortraining.org/online-courses . @One free desktop webinars are listed at http://www.onefortraining.org/seminars and are free for anyone to "attend." Webinars also boast the added benefit of archiving, so that they can be viewed at a later time if you are unable to attend the scheduled session time. While many courses and webinars focus on online teaching, the tools and skills learned can be useful for both online and face-to-face classes.

@One Spring 2015 Online Courses include:
-  Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning
-  Introduction to Teaching with Blackboard 9.1
-  Building Online Community with Social Media
-  Designing Effective Online Assessments
-  Creating Accessible Online Courses

 Visit http://www.onefortraining.org/ for more information and resources!

Highlights from theCOOL:
A spotlight on the activities of the Committee On Online Learning.

Although we are approaching the end of the semester, the COOL continues to be busy with the revised Online Course Approval Process. As part of this revised process, the COOL has just completed course demonstrations for courses to be offered Spring 2015 by a first-time online instructor. The course demonstrations are conducted by the review team members logging into the Blackboard course site through the perspective of an online student. This helps get an authentic view of the course, as students would see it, in the effort to provide helpful feedback to the first-time online instructor.

The committee is also in the process of reviewing proposals for courses to be taught in Fall 2015 by first-time online instructors. There are 15 proposals in this "second" round of proposal reviews this term, which brings the total number of proposals reviewed in Fall 2014 to 30.

Some other topics that have been discussed in recent COOL meetings are
- Updates from the Technology Coordinating Committee (TCC)
- Embedding html (add/edit trusted content) in Bb
- Online course evaluations
- The upcoming email conversion from Groupwise to Outlook
- Student representation on the COOL.

Volume 23, November 2014

Bb LogoBlackboard Tips

Using Bb for a Timed Essay Exam

If you are giving a timed essay exam either online or on-campus, you can easily use Blackboard to collect submissions.

For timed essays, create a Blackboard Test with  one question and select the question type: Essay. This will allow students to submit their essay within the Test by either typing directly in the text box or typing in Word and copying/pasting into the text box. Along with setting the availability time/date, be sure to set the timer, select Force Completion, and set the exam to automatically submit after the time is up.  That way your students will only be able to access the essay exam during the limited time that you allow.


Test Results After Students Submit a Test : Check Your Settings

When deploying a test to students, you'll want to make sure that you check the settings under "Show Test Results and Feedback to Students" under Edit Test Options, and change the settings to what you want students to see after they submit a test.  The default option under Edit Test Options for test results is "score per question." This means that after students submit their test, students automatically see their total test score,  the scores earned for each individual question AND the question text of each question. To prevent the display of each question, the "Score per question" must be "unchecked" within the test settings.

score per question
IMPORTANT: Un-checking the "Score per question" does not prevent students from viewing their total score for a test. If you do not want students to see their total score for a particular test, access the Grade Center column's contextual menu for the test and hide the column from students.

Request Spring 2015 Blackboard Sites

Whether you are teaching an online, hybrid, or face-to-face course, you can now request your Spring 2015 Blackboard sites.  

To request Blackboard sites, simply log into CLASS-Web, click on the Menu for Faculty Staff & Advisors, scroll down to the Blackboard Course Site Request link, and get started by selecting the semester and campus. Detailed instructions for requesting sites.

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The Online Learning Link is a publication by the Chabot College Online Learning Staff
Minta Winsor, Distance Education Coordinator
Lisa Ulibarri,
Instructional Designer/Developer


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