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Fall 2012 Blackboard Sites
So far, for Fall 2012 we have 564 blackboard sites. This includes Blackboard sites for online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes. If you'd like to use Blackboard for the Fall 2012 term, it's not too late! Please visit our get started with using Blackboard resource page for information on how to learn about Blackboard and obtain an account and course site. We can even create a "practice" Blackboard site for you to use while you learn.

Use "Mashups" to Embed YouTube videos
An easy way to embed YouTube videos, and more, into your Blackboard site is to use Mashups. To add a YouTube video from within a content area, click on Build Content > and under Mashups select the YouTube option. The YouTube Mashup option displays a preview image (see screenshot, below), making it clear to students that this is a video and not just a link, and plays the video within Blackboard. Follow these simple steps to add a YouTube video:
1) Go into the content area or folder where you want to place the link to the YouTube video.
2) From the blue Action Bars (at the top), click Build Content > (under Mashups) select YouTube Video.
3) In the Search box, enter part of the video title (i.e. "Accounting Basics"). You could also search by key word or url.
4) Click Go.
5) From the list of videos provided from the search, click Preview or Select.
6) (Optional) Enter a description or instructions for students.
7) Click Submit.

Mashups can also be used to embed a Flickr Photo or SlideShare Presentation. Detailed steps on creating a Mashup

SafeAssign as a Plagiarism Prevention Service
Bb SafeAssignmentEven if you are not an avid Blackboard user, you can still utilize the tools available, such as SafeAssign. SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention service offered through Blackboard. This service helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers through faculty submissions or student-submitted SafeAssignments. As students submit files to a SafeAssignment, they are checked against SafeAssign's comprehensive databases of source material, including the web. Student files, along with a detailed plagiarism report from SafeAssign, will be delivered to the instructor in the Gradebook. Instructors can use SafeAssign even if they do not have coursework submitted online. For more information about using SafeAssign, please visit  /OnlineTeaching/SafeAssign/ or contact us.
Volume 5, September 2012

Bb LogoBlackboard Tips

Auto-Submit feature:
You may have noticed a new option for your assessments: Auto-Submit (image shown below). Auto-Submit allows an instructor the option of automatically submitting a student's exam when the time limit has been reached. This is helpful to ensure that students adhere to any set time limits.

Please be mindful that if you have students that require extra time on exams this setting should not be used.

AutoSubmit Option
Menu items may not show to students if the corresponding link is hidden in the Tools area:
If students are reporting that a content area (or button) is not showing to them, it could be that a link to the area (such as in Tools) is unavailable. If you have a button to (for example) My Grades, the link to My Grades in the Tools button must also be available or the button will be hidden as well. If you want the  hidden item to show to students, you simply need to click on the "Show Link" button for that item under "Tools." Clicking on the "Hide Link" for any of the items under "Tools" also hides their corresponding link from the course menu.

Grade Center Columns: "hidden" in Grade Center does not equal not shown in My Grades
When columns are hidden from the Grade Center using Column Organization, it means that they are hidden in the Grade Center view only (it doesn't impact My Grades). So, students may be seeing the hidden columns, even though they do not appear to you in the Grade Center.
To hide these columns from student view, first "show" them in Column Organization:
- Go to the Grade Center
- Click the Manage button
- select Column Organization
- on the next page, select the items you would like to show by clicking the check boxes
- once these items are "checked," go down to the show/hide button
- click on Show Selected Columns
Then once you can see them in the Grade Center, edit the column and select "No" for the "Show this Column to Students option." You will be able to verify that the column is not show to students as it will have a circle with a red line through it next to the column name.

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Lisa Ulibarri, Instructional Designer/Developer; Blackboard System Administrator

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