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Online Teaching & Blackboard Resources for Instructors

Online Learning Link
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The Online Learning Link includes important information and announcements about Online Teaching & Learning and Blackboard at Chabot College.

Feedback is Needed: Try Out Canvas & Blackboard Ultra!

The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District formed a district-wide task force to "explore, investigate, and research the OEI (Online Education Initiative) and make a recommendation to the Chancellor about which aspects of the OEI - if any - are appropriate for CLPCCD participation.” The CLPCCD OEI Task Force met several times over the course of 2.5 months during the spring 2016 semester. During these meetings, it was determined that Chabot is not yet ready to make a decision regarding which aspects of the OEI it would like to adopt. The Chabot representatives on the task force asked that more time be given to research and get feedback on the options presented by the OEI. Therefore, at Chabot, no decision has been made about the adoption of a new Course Management System.

Sandbox imageAs part of the research process, Chabot faculty have been given the opportunity to explore both Canvas (the OEI-selected course management system) and Blackboard Ultra (the soon-to-be released version of Blackboard). In an effort to engage faculty and staff in the evaluation of these products, we are now able to offer the opportunity to try both Canvas and Blackboard Ultra in “Sandbox” environments (test environments) and provide us with feedback.

Faculty and staff can request access to either or both of these "sandboxes," by using the online form at http://www.chabotcollege.edu/OnlineTeaching/blackboard/help/help.asp . The form will require that you enter your name and email address, then use the “questions, comments, more information" box to indicate if you are requesting access to the Canvas Sandbox, the Blackboard Sandbox, or both. You will receive follow-up emails regarding your sandbox accounts and the feedback method. Thank you for providing your input on this important instructional decision!

Online Education Initiative (OEI) Update

The California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI) is focused on making online learning opportunities better and more accessible to students. The project is contains a number of resources for students and faculty, which are available to all colleges.

The most recent updates from the OEI project include that the Course Exchange is now being shaped, with an adapter tool being built to allow student information systems from all colleges to integrate. This tool will be used for the cross-registration required for the Course Exchange. The Course Exchange pilot is planned to begin later this summer and end in June 2017. As the exchange will impact registration, enrollment, articulation, financial aid, etc., details are still being worked out by the pilot colleges. Other aspects of the OEI, such as a proctoring network and online counseling are also in development.

@One Webinars and Online Courses

The @One project is funded by the CCC Chancellor's Office Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP). @One provides a variety of resources for CCC faculty and staff to learn "technology that will enhance student learning and success."

@One provides a number of online courses on a variety of topics throughout the year. To view and register for @One online courses, visit http://onefortraining.org/online-courses . Not ready to make a commitment to an instructor-led, short-term course? They also provide self-paced online classes listed at http://onefortraining.org/selfpaced-v2 . And for a quick, hour-long introduction to a technology topic, @One offers "lunch-and-learn" desktop webinars. "These webinars are just one hour long, starting at 12 noon, Pacific time, and are delivered via a Web browser. Registration for each webinar closes the day before, so choose as many topics as you wish, register, and mark your calendar." For a list of upcoming webinars, visit http://www.onefortraining.org/seminars .

Highlights from the

The Committee On Online Learning (COOL) has completed course proposal reviews for Spring 2016. It has been another busy year, as the COOL has reviewed a total of 43 proposals. The approved proposals include the subject areas such as Administration of Justice, Communications, Fire Technology, Political Science, Nursing, and Tutoring.

Planning on teaching an online/or hybrid course in Spring 2017 or later? Please visit the Committee On Online Learning (COOL) website www.chabotcollege.edu/cool for an overview of the Online/Hybrid Course Delivery Proposal Process, including links to the current proposal form. The web-based proposal form allows for easy sharing with subdivision colleagues and your Dean. In addition to the course proposal, faculty submitting their first proposal to the COOL will also be required to conduct a course site review.

Note that the first part of the approval process involves your own skill development and research. If you are planning to teach your proposed course using Blackboard and have not yet taught with Blackboard before, please be sure to check out the resources for Getting Started with Blackboard.

Volume 31, Summer 2016

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Blackboard Tips

Summer & Fall Blackboard Sites:

Chabot instructors can use Blackboard for on-campus, hybrid, or online courses. You can request your summer & fall Blackboard sites at any time by logging into CLASS-Web, click on the Menu for Faculty Staff & Advisors, scroll down to the Blackboard Course Site Request link, and get started by selecting the semester and campus. Click here for detailed instructions.

Once your course sites have been setup and appear in Blackboard, you can use the Course Copy tool to copy over your content from a previous site (view steps on how to use the Course Copy tool). This can be done at any point after sites are in Blackboard, but we recommend that you do it early and only one time (to avoid repeated items).

Please note: Students are uploaded to the Blackboard system about a week prior to the start of the term. And in order for students to be able to access your Blackboard site, you will need to make the site available.

If you are new to Blackboard at Chabot, requesting sites in CLASS-Web will create your Blackboard account and you will be contacted directly with your log in information. For more information, view resources for Getting Started with Blackboard.

Blackboard Support for Students

Have students who need assistance with Blackboard? Please direct them to the Online Learning website. The Online Learning website provides students with a wealth of resources, including steps for logging into Blackboard and using common tools within Blackboard, steps for entering a preferred email account for Blackboard, a self-paced Orientation to Online Learning (consisting of videos and instructions), and a form where they can submit a help request online.

Online Learning Student Support also offers an opportunity for students to drop-in to get in-person assistance on their online learning needs with an Online Learning Student Assistant. Working with an experienced online student, students can ask for assistance on a range of topics, including logging into Blackboard and getting started with their online/hybrid course. View hours and location

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