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How is PACE different from taking regular Evening or Online classes at Chabot?  PACE is a comprehensive, multi-semester Learning Community designed for working adults, which offers the chance for students to create a supportive network and take classes together - an approach which has been proven to enhance student success.  PACE also offers Instructors who teach toward adult students, and PACE streamlines the path toward certain academic and career goals.  PACE classes are restricted for only PACE students through the beginning of the registration process, so prompt registration assures PACE students a place in PACE classes.  (Class spaces still available when the PACE classes become unrestricted can be enrolled in first come, first served by any Chabot student.) PACE students tend to be older and serious about their education.

How can I take classes in the PACE Program?  See "How to Apply for PACE" at /PACE

What does it cost to take PACE Classes?  There are no additional fees for PACE classes.  Regular Chabot fees apply.  See /admissions/fees .

Can I get FINANCIAL AID?  Grant and loan applications (FAFSA + BOG) are available in the Financial Aid Office, Room 702, /finaid . Book vouchers or emergency book loans are available through EOPS (Room 221) or the Office of Student Life (Room 2355, Bldg. 2300, upstairs) for qualified students.    

Do I need to take an ORIENTATION? All students new to Chabot are REQUIRED to complete a Chabot College Online Orientation at /counseling/orientation/ + Assessment & Program Planning if    appropriate.                                                                                                          

How do I get my transcripts from other colleges sent to Chabot College? To do this, contact all colleges you have previously attended and have them send official transcripts directly to Chabot College.  If you have the transcripts sent to you personally, be sure that you do NOT open them, as official transcripts MUST be in a sealed envelope directly from the institution.

How many classes should I take?  Most full-time working adults can take 1-3 classes per semester.  Note that a 3-unit class requires 3 hours of class time plus about 6 hours of study time per week (though this differs from class to class).  Taking 12 or more units is considered being a full-time student.  Take a class load that is realistic for you and your life!  If you are new to college, note classes which are recommended for students new to college, as indicated on PACE Class List. 

What English or Math class should I take?  You cannot take classes higher than English 102 or Math 104 without first taking the Chabot Assessment Exam or prerequisite class(es).  If you have taken English/Math at another college, you must get a Counselor Override by bringing a copy of your transcript to a Counselor.  Other college’s assessment results are not accepted at Chabot.  English and Math classes must be completed in a certain order: English 102 then English 1A then English 4 or 7; Math 104 then Math 53 then Psychology 5 (Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences).

How do I REGISTER for CLASSES?  You must be admitted to the PACE Program in order to be a PACE Student;  see /pace/applicationprocedures.asp .  Once admitted, choose your classes from the current PACE Class List at /PACE , then Register for them via CLASS-web at (ID# is your SS# or Chabot W#, and PIN is your birthdate—if you can’t log in, you must see A&R in person to re-set your PIN) OR in person at A&R in Bldg. 100.  

I can’t log in to CLASS-Web…?  You must see A&R in person in order to re-set your PIN.

How do I start an Online Course? To start an Online course, go to /online and log on to Canvas.

How can I reach PACE STAFF?  PACE Counselor Julie Machado is available at jmachado@chabotcollege.edu , 510-723-6619, Rm. 401B, 2 days per week. PACE Coordinator, Mireille Giovanola is available at mgiovanola@chabotcollege.edu , 510-723-2626, Room 401S .

How can I meet with a PACE Counselor?  PACE Counseling appointments are available for PACE students taking PACE classes.  Students requesting any type of counseling appointment that includes the review of transcripts from other colleges, must have official transcripts on file at the time they schedule the appointment.  To make an appointment, email jmachado@chabotcollege.edu - include your name and Chabot W#, and request for an appointment.

How can I get into a class once the semester starts?  If the course is open, you may attempt to add via the CLAS-Web.  If the course is closed or requires add authorization, go to class, obtain an Add Authorization Number from the Instructor, and then add through CLASS-Web. 

How can I keep updated re: deadlines, scholarships, etc? For the latest updates, get PACE Email News by contacting PACE Counselor Julie Machado at jmachado@chabotcollege.edu (addresses are never shared).

TRANSCRIPTS:  What if I attended other colleges?: During your first semester, contact all colleges you previously attended besides Chabot or Las Positas, and the high school you last attended, and have your official transcripts (in a sealed envelope) sent directly to Chabot.

Where can I get my STUDENT PHOTO ID CARDS? Pick up your Student ID card (required for use in the library, bookstore and computer labs) in Student Online Services, Room 709, by showing your class schedule receipt and one other form of ID. 

When should I buy my BOOKS?  You can buy books either the week before classes start or the first week of classes.  Books are available at the Chabot Bookstore in the PACE section, arranged according to course number and section number, and can easily cost $200+. 

How do I get a PARKING Permit? How much do they cost? See http://www.chabotcollege.edu/safety/parking/



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