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An injury kept Sean Talmadge off the tennis court, so he decided to swing for the flagsticks.

An injury kept Sean Talmadge off the tennis court, so he decided to swing for the flagsticks.
Well, he aced that test too.
Talmadge, who is 6-foot-3 and 250 pounds, is a towering presence for the Chabot men's golf team. He hits it long and straight. He relishes competition.
"He's just been super. He's a hard worker," Chabot coach Zack Papachristos said of the athletic San Jose State commit.
Talmadge has come of age remarkably fast on the course.
He played tennis at Serra High in San Mateo, and was the No. 3 ranked singles player in Northern California at Foothill College. However, a shoulder injury – he had a calcium deposits on the top of his clavicle from overuse – made him unable to serve without pain, so he took up golf.
After transferring to Chabot, he redshirted in 2015, and now is the No. 1 player on a powerful squad which has won three tournaments this season.
Clearly, the golf swing suits him fine, putting less stress on his tender right shoulder.
Talmadge says he only played golf about once a year when he was a tennis player.
"I started playing with my older brother at the driving range that summer after my senior year in high school, and I just became addicted to it," Talmadge said. "It was something new. I had been playing tennis since I was 5 years old, so it was finally something else to do."
His highlight this season was a brilliant 68 at Stockton Country Club in a tournament hosted by the Big 8 conference.
"The golf swing, there's no pain in it," Talmadge said, "but there are a lot of things that transfer from my tennis swing to my golf swing, like a cross-court forehand with topspin. I kind of play the draw in golf."
Papachristos marvels at Talmadge's rapid progress which he attributes to his athletic talent and drive. He says Talmadge has gained invaluable experience playing NCGA tournaments, even qualifying strongly for the San Francisco City Tournament.
"What he's done, it's unbelievable," Papachristos said. "I think his competitiveness through tennis, that's probably made this (possible). If he was down in tennis he always had the mentality that he could come back and win the match."
Talmadge credits Papachristos with giving him a shot.
"If he was not involved I don't think I'd be where I am today," Talmadge said. "I contacted a few other coaches while I was at Foothill, saying that I was interested golf, and most of them were hesitant to even give me a tryout. He gave me a chance … Whenever I had problems with my swing that would come up a little bit, he would usually have the pointers that would help me out."
Chabot's excellent depth this season has added a comfort level to the players, who know that anyone can deliver low score and everyone can break 80.
As for Talmadge, he is mastering the nuances of golf with sweet swings and lots of drive.
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