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Provides renting of equipment as well as a large supply of new and used equipment for sale. Houses a large supply of photo related products at great prices.


Chabot Community Education Department
Chabot College
Community Education Office, Room 437
2555 Hesperian Blvd.
Hawyard, CA 94545

Chabot Community Educational Center offers wide range of classes that will pique the interests of those of all ages. Classes are offered at various times throughout the day to accommodate those with a hectic work schedule.

Phone: 510-723-6665
Web: /ComEd/

Faultline Photographics
938 B St. Suite A
Hawyard, CA 94541

Faultline Photographics offers both supplies and services for the professional and amateur photographers. Faultine is equipped with both black and white darkroom and offers reasonable rates and hours. The store is well equipped with all the necessary supplies for printing and processing.

Phone: (510) 583-9788S

Phantom Photo
1823 Hesperian Blvd
Hawyard, CA 94768

1099 E. St
Hawyard, CA 94541

PhotoCentral is a community-based facility for photographers seeking a place to work and share ideas.  Classes and workshops are designed for photographers of all abilities and ages.  A quality black and white darkroom and mounting facility are available for photographers that have darkroom experience.   Come share new places and exciting experiences with fellow photographers at our classes and workshops.


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