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Administration of Justice

We seek to instill in students a deep understanding and appreciation of civic engagement and responsibility, and a thorough understand of the American system of justice and the role individuals play in it. We seek to prepare students to enter transfer institutions fully prepared to succeed in Administration of Justice programs, or to succeed in the criminal justice workforce.

The program offers an AA in Administration of Justice. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in the fields of law enforcement, probation, parole, security, and related criminal justice fields along with related technical occupations. The two-year program combines instruction in corrections, law enforcement, and security with general education courses. The program has been authorized by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and the Board of Corrections to offer certain technical and specialized courses.

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Full Time Faculty

William Hanson
Phone: (510) 723-2614
Office: 402K

Cheryl Mackey
Phone: (510) 723-6980
Office: 402J

Adjunct Faculty

Administration of Justice Degrees/Certificates

Administration of Justice Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T)

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Course Descriptions

Administration of Justice 45
Law and Democracy
3 Units
(See also Political Science 45)

The Law and Democracy course in an interdisciplinary exploration of themes such as equality, citizenship, participation, access, and social justice. We will look critically at how law structures as well as limits democracy and examine the idea of democracy as a universal value. Strongly recommended: English 1A (completed with a grade of "C" or higher).  Prerequisite: Political Science 1 or Administration of Justice 50 (completed with a grade of "C" or higher).  May not receive credit if Political Science 45 has been completed.

3 hours. Transfer: CSU, UC.
Administration of Justice 50     
Introduction to Administration of Justice
3 Units

History and Philosophy of administration of justice in America; recapitulation of the system ; identifying various subsystems, role expectations, an their interrelationships; theories of crime. punishment, and rehabilitation; ethics, education and training for professionalism in the system.

3 hours. Transfer: CSU, UC; AA/AS; CSU/GE: DO; (CAN AJ 2).
Administration of Justice 54
Investigative Reporting
3 Units

Investigative reports with emphasis upon accuracy and details necessary. Includes arrest reports, incident report, and miscellaneous field report Techniques and methods used to cover information; how to analyze and present information in a clear and concise report.

3 hours.

Administration of Justice 55
Introduction to Correctional Science
3 Units

Aspects of modern correctional process as utilized in rehabilitation of adult and juvenile offenders. Emphasis on custody, rehabilitation and treatment programs as recognized by modern penology. Exploration of career opportunities.

3 hours. Transfer: CSU

Administration of Justice 59
Child Abuse in the Community
2 Units

Dynamics of the battered child syndrome. Focus on the abusive caretaker, patterns of abuse, and means necessary for effective intervention and treatment including effective legal and social action to control child abuse in the community.

2 hours. Transfer: CSU.
Administration of Justice 60
Criminal Law
3 Units

(Included in the CORE curriculum of baccalaureate degree-granting institutions.)
Historical development, philosophy of law and constitutional provisions; definitions, classification of crime, and their application to the system of administration of justice; frequently used Penal and other code sections; case law, methodology, and concepts of law as a social force.

3 hours. Transfer: CSU, UC; AA/AS; CSU/GE: D8; (CAN AJ 4)

Administration of Justice 61
3 Units

(Included in CORE curriculum of baccalaureate degree-granting institutions.)
Origins, development, philosophy and constitutional basis of evidence, constitutional and procedural considerations affecting arrest, search and seizure; kinds and degrees of evidence and rules governing admissibility; judicial decisions interpreting individual rights and case studies.

3 hours. Transfer: CSU.

Administration of Justice 63
Criminal Investigation
3 Units

(Police Academy does not satisfy prerequisite)
Fundamentals of investigation; crime scene search and recording; collection and preservation of physical evidence; scientific aids; modus operandi; sources of information; interviews and interrogation; follow up and case preparation of specific crimes.

3 hours. Transfer: CSU (CAN AJ 8)
Administration of Justice 69
Sex Crime Investigation
3 Units

Sexual assault investigations; human behavior in relation to sexual attitudes and behavior; sexual assault laws and investigations; interview and interrogation techniques; court preparation and trial phase; sex crime prevention.

3 hours
Administration of Justice 70
Community Relations
3 Units

Roles of the Administration of Justice practitioners and their agencies. Interrelationships and role expectations among various agencies and the public. Emphasis on the professional image of the system o f Justice Administration and development of positive relationships between members of the system and the public.

3 hours. Transfer: CSU, UC
Administration of Justice 74
Gangs and Drugs
3 Units

Definition o f a gang and gang activity. Historical and cultural aspects. Interrelationships among local, national and international gangs including prison gangs. Gang activity in in relation to drug trafficking.

2 hours.
Administration of Justice 79
Homicide Investigation
3 Units

Process of analysis of all aspects of the death case in order to arrive at the true cause and manner of the death, whether it be murder, suicide, accidental or natural. Emphasis on importance of the death scene related to investigation of course.

3 hours
Administration of Justice 89
Family Violence
3 Units

Origins of violence in the family from the administration of justice perspective. Specific types of violent interactions and abuse among family members. Emphasis on techniques for use by peace officers to intervene effectively .

2 hours. Transfer: CSU


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