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The Political Science department at Chabot College is dedicated to fostering a broad understanding of local, national, and international political systems and social scientific methods, encouraging active civic engagement, and heightening student awareness of the complex and diverse global connections that define today's world. 

The Political Science department offers a variety of courses in political science ranging from the core course, Introduction to American Government, to courses in Comparative Government, International Relations, and Contemporary Issues in American Politics. The American Government course helps satisfy the CSU American Institutions requirement.

Full Time Faculty

Jessica Gallucci
Phone: (510) 723-2609
Office: 401J


Part Time Faculty


Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Chabot College offers an Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree for students who wish to transfer as Political Science majors to a California State University. Political Science majors evaluate societal, national, and global events by learning about forms of political organization and political processes. Political Science is a versatile and applicable degree that provides students with a strong foundation in American Government, political theory, and comparative and international politics. For information on the required courses in this degree click HERE.

Course Descriptions

Political Science 1:  Introduction to American Government (3 Units)
Introduction to the historical development and current structure of American political ideals and institutions, including the Federal and California Constitutions, civil liberties and civil rights, political parties, campaigns and elections and citizenship duties.

Political Science 10:  Seminar in Comparative Politics (3 Units)
General introduction to a major subfield of comparative politics, or intensive exploration of a contemporary theme, topic or region.

Political Science 12:  Introduction to California State and Local Government (3 Units)

Organization and operation of government politics and the state, county and municipal level; emphasis on current issues and the influence of historical, geographical, political, economic and social factors on California public policy.

Political Science 20: Comparative Politics (3 units)
Introduces basic concepts and methods of comparative analysis. Covers contemporary forms of governments and institutions; survey of political regimes and political problems of selected governments. 

Political Science 25: Political Theory (3 units)
An introduction to various theoretical approaches to politics, including selected political thinkers from ancient times to the present, and the application of political theory to current political realities. 

Political Science 30: International Relations (3 Units)
An introduction to international politics, theories, and global institutions, focusing on international actors and their interactions with one another. Emphasis on current events.

Political Science 45: Law and Democracy (3 units)
This course is an interdisciplinary exploration of themes such as equality, citizenship, participation, access, and social justice. We will look critically at how law structures as well as limits democracy and examine the idea of democracy as a universal value. Prerequisite: ADMJ 50 (completed with a grade of "C" or higher) or, POSC 1 (completed with a grade of "C" or higher).


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