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CalWORKS - Employment-Focused Education Programs

CalWORKs Work-Study Program

Connecting students with employment

CalWORKs work-study may include opportunities in any of the following:

Employment, Service Learning, Work Experience, Community Service, & Internships

For questions regarding Work-Study, please contact Josué Hernández : jahernandez@chabotcollege.edu


The goal of the CalWORKs work-study program is to provide CalWORKs students with employment opportunities while pursuing their educational goals. The CalWORKs Program allows students to develop valuable jobs skills while also meeting TANF requirements for participation in job-related activities.  Work-study hours can be counted as "core" hours for a student's Welfare-to-work plan. Student acquires work-based knowledge and skills. This on-site experience is often related to their field of study. Employment helps to build a student’s resume.


CalWORKs students seeking employment should arrange a time to meet with Patrise Diaz, CalWORKs Counselor, for initial evaluation of eligibility and career consultation. Currently employed students may be able to participate in the on-campus work-study program. Maximum weekly hours for on-campus employment is twenty (20) hours per week, but some employers may need less hourly employment.  The student negotiates work schedules with individual employers, and most are willing to work around a students classes.  


Funds earned in Work-Study are not deducted from a student's monthly cash aid. Students keep 100% of both their employment earnings and cash aid. This is because their work-study is a form of student financial aid, included on their Financial Aid Award letter, and contributes to meeting the cost of college attendance. 


Work-Study funds may only be utilized for CalWORKs students in community colleges, including students enrolled in an approved self-initiated educational program and those students who are referred by the county welfare department. CalWORKs students must be in good academic calworks work-study standing, maintain satisfactory progress in their educational program, and be currently enrolled in at least one unit.

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