Staff Development


September 12, 2002

Present: Denise Noldon, Michelle Sherry, Arlene DeLeon (chair), Scott Hildreth, Gloria Meads, Gail Johnson-Murphy, Greg Rees, Mary Mino, Judy Young , Carol Baumann, Kip Waldo, Wayne Nakano, Rosie Mogle

Guests: Michael Gunter, Dean of Information and Technology

Kathleen Schaefer, Grants Developer

  1. Michael Gunter presented a summary of his priorities and a handout of a rough draft of Instructional Technology Workshops and discussed work so far related to campus Mac and PCs, Acrobat, scanners, and CD burners. He noted that Ginger and Rocky in the television production area are now capable of producing WEB videos and that new equipment in that area means that they can leave their areas and help to shoot various projects as well as edit. He noted that he, Lynn Sandoval and Minta Peterson are CVC certified for Blackboard as a result of the Sept. workshop they attended.

    He also noted that he wanted to work with Staff Development to offer trainings and also to develop a campus-wide survey. (At the end of the meeting, Kip, Scott, and Carol offered to be the representatives from Staff Development to that subcommittee.)

    After his presentation, a lively discussion focused around various topics. Scott Hildreth advocated for also paying for someone to come from outside to complement these trainings. He noted that faculty especially need to see ideas and possibilities so that they can see the need for training.

    Michael noted that CVC membership brings free training.

    Kip added that @One has hosted regional meetings to work with the deployment of technology, that faculty can make web pages or develop Power Point presentations but that there is currently no reliable way to deploy that technology into our classrooms.

    Michael noted that this is a chicken and egg problem.

    Scott suggested that training be offered in concert with implementation in order to enable more people to use technology quickly and asked what incentives we could offer. He also suggested that we consider mentors for faculty, particularly division-based mentors.

    Kip noted that the pilot model developed in Title III could be used to spec out possibilities and that we look at levels of utilization.

    Minta added that getting into particular areas is important.

    Carol said that we need to look at the labs that are out there and to offer hands-on reinforcement for students.

    Scott noted that Saturday training would be appropriate; Irene added that mentors could be adjunct faculty.

    Greg added that he was largely self-taught on GroupWise and pointed out the difficulties of classified staff getting to workshops.

  2. Kathleen Schaefer was introduced and told the committee about the possibility of applying for a new Title III grant and said that she would let us know of any grants related to staff development.
  3. Budget updates: There are no AB1725 funds this year. They were completely eliminated from the state budget. Last spring, we worked out criteria for administering the college staff development funds (the amount left over after mandatory training funds were set aside), but we have not heard about the amount or the status of those funds. There are some TTIP training funds available. At the October meeting, the group will address how to administer that money. Greg Rees noted that requests for conference funds coming into his office were being paid, even absent a system for doing so.
  4. The committee will re-visit the criteria and procedures for this academic year in October.
  5. The committee decided to award presenters of the post-Sept. 11 series $25. each for transportation costs. The committee noted Carol's enormous work in facilitating the upcoming Healing Journeys two-day conference at the college. Norton Grubb will return to campus on Wednesday, Sept. 18 for the second in his series of four workshops.
  6. The New Faculty Learning Community will have its first gathering on Tuesday, Sept. 24, coordinated by Kip and Irene.