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Write Effective Web Content

In a matter of seconds, a reader decides to either stay on a webpage or leave. So having creative, sharp and captivating web content can keep them engaged.

Here are a few ways to get you on your way to writing engaging content.

Know your Audience

Identify and understand your audience.

  1. Are they students, parents, faculty, staff, alumnus, etc?
  2. Think like your audience.
  3. Why are they looking at your page/site?
  4. What information are they looking for?

Sculpt your message by providing the following information:

  1. What are the benefits from your services?
  2. What are the eligibility requirements?
  3. What are the services you provide?
  4. How to apply or sign-up or learn more?

Make it Easy to Scan

The faster readers can understand what you can do for them, the more likely they are to remember your services.

Here are several ways:

  1. Be clear and direct. Lead with your main point, then briefly explain.
  2. Keep paragraphs short, between 20 to 30 words, and 4 sentences max.
  3. Stay away from jargons or institutional terms.
  4. Keep the tone conversational such as using the word "you" to address your web visitors directly.
  5. Simplify your language with strong short words and fewer adjectives:
    • "Call us today" has a greater effect than "If you would like to get in touch with us, give us a call."
    • "Contact Us" instead of "Contact Information"
  6. Use lists with bullets or numbers.
  7. Use images and charts.
  8. Group related contents together.
  9. Instead of repeating the same content from other pages, link to it.
  10. Less IS more.

Include Call to Action(s)

The call to action is the most important piece of information on any web page.

This tells the audience:

  1. What do you want the reader to do next?
  2. What steps should they take?

A simple link to the next piece of content, an invitation to apply, register or RSVP will initiate action.

Continue to Update and Refine Message

  1. Stay current.
  2. Remove old content and information.
  3. Get feedback from audience, colleague or friend.



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