Guided Pathways Steering Committee & Planning Groups

Planning Structure

In Phase 1 (2018-2019) Chabot formed a Guided Pathways Steering Committee and 3 Planning Groups responsible for moving forward the planning and design process. Each year, as the Steering Committee assess progress and plans for the next phase, the Planning Groups are also reassessed to accommodate the year’s new priorities and tasks. In Phase II (2019-2020), Chabot began integrating Guided Pathways work into our existing college committees. Below is a brief outline of the workgroups and areas of focus for 2019-2020.



Guided Pathways Steering Committee

  • Provides overall planning, coordination, and outreach regarding Guided Pathways
  • Members include faculty, classified professionals, administrators and students
  • Meets 3-4 times per semester

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Planning Groups

Chabot College “Guiding Principles” for Planning Groups

  • Plan for the diversity of our student population (e.g., PT/FT; Skills Builders; working adults; veterans; transfer, degree, and employment goals, etc.).
  • Plan for ensuring equitable outcomes for disproportionately impacted students (e.g., students with disabilities, AB540, students of color, etc.).
  • Plan for providing models for students to explore several areas of interest without needing to repeat courses.
  • Include input across disciplines and divisions to maximize collaboration.

Curriculum & Pathways
Planning Group

Topics include:

  • Meta-majors and other models
  • Academic program maps
  • Scheduling (classes, services, events)
  • And more . . .


  • Jennifer Lange


Transitions Planning (via Student Success Workgroup)

Topics include:

  • Onboarding
  • Undecided students
  • Transitions in, to transfer, to work
  • And more . .


  • Heather Oshiro
  • Robin Galas
  • Christina Read
  • Terri Anderson


Areas of Focus

Topics include:

  • Data, Student Voice and Engagement
  • Future Forward Technology
  • Campus Engagement
  • Relationship Building


  • Reena Jas
  • Noell Adams
  • Instructional and Services Technology (IST) Committee
  • 19-20 Steering Committee