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Foreign Languages

English & Creative Writing

ENGL 11A - Intro to Creative Writing

ENGL 11B - Intermediate Creative Writing

ENGL 12A - The Craft of Writing - Fiction

ENGL 12B - Intermediate Craft of Writing - Fiction

ENGL 13A - Craft of Writing- Poetry

ENGL 13B - Intermediate Craft of Writing- Poetry

ENGL 20 - Studies in Shakespeare

ENGL 21 - Evolution of the Black Writer

ENGL 28 - Multicultural Youth Literature

ENGL 31 - Intro to Gay and Lesbian Literature

ENGL 41 - World Literature(17th-Present)

ENGL 45 - Studies in Fiction

ENGL 137 - Proofreading for College Writing

Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages 

We offer on-campus (day/evening), hybrid, and online courses following an immersion approach for the following languages:

Japanese  •  French  •  Spanish
Newly Added: Italian and Chinese



Visit Class-Web for current class information