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Accreditation Committee Chairs

Standard I: Institutional Mission & Effectiveness (IPBC)

Chair: Carolyn Arnold
Institutional Research and Grants Coordinator

(510) 723-6965

"Animated conversations about teaching and learning, in both formal and informal contexts, are occurring among teachers across the campus.  Our goal:  fostering a college climate that connects these discussions, bringing together these conversations into a campus-wide dialogue."
...from a dialogue with Dennis Chowenhill

Standard II: Student Learning Programs & Services

A. Instructional Programs

Co-Chair: Rebecca Otto
Biology Instructor

(510) 723-7087


B. Student Support Services

Chair: Matthew Krtischer
Dean, Counseling

(510) 723-6717



C. Library and Learning Support Services

Chair: Norman Buchwald
Learning Center

(510) 723-6993



Standard III: Resources

A. Human Resources (Staff Development)

Chair: Jim Matthews
Learning Center

(510) 723-6778

B. Physical Resources (Facilities Committee)

Co-Chair: JoAnn Galliano
Health Science Instructor

(510) 723-6866



Co-Chair: Wanda Wong
Business/IT Instructor

(510) 723-7465

C: Technology Resources (Technology Committee)

Co-Chair: Steve Piatetsky
Director, Media Services

(510) 723-6756

Co-Chair: Mark Schaeffer
Humanities Instructor

(510) 723-6837


D: Financial Resources (Budget Committee)

Co-Chair: Mike Absher
Applied Technology Instructor

(510) 723-7454

Co-Chair: Tim Dave
Math Instructor

(510) 723-6881

Standard IV: Leadership & Governance (Academic/Faculty Senate)

Co-Chair: Ming-Lun Ho
Math Instructor

(510) 723-6870





Co-Chair: Dmitriy Kalyagin
Business Instructor

(510) 723-6974

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