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Adding & Dropping Classes

Add, Drop (NGR) and Withdrawal deadlines can be found on CLASS-Web.

Instructors have the option of dropping students who do not attend either of the first two class meetings or because of excessive absences (four consecutive or six cumulative hours).

Adding Classes

Students may attempt to add into open full-term classes during the registration period prior to the start of instruction.

To add after the start of instruction, attend the first class meeting and obtain an Add Authorization Number and register by the Add Deadline. Instructors have Add Authorization Numbers at the beginning of the term. Use CLASS-Web to enroll with your Add Authorization Numbers before the deadline date.

Dropping Classes

Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes. Failure to follow the withdrawal procedures may result in a grade of "F". Students who drop before the No Grade of Record (NGR) period will not have a grade appear on their transcript. Use CLASS-Web to drop any course. If a class is cancelled or a drop occurs before the NGR deadline, the resulting balance on the student account can be applied to future terms or students may apply for refunds through the Office of Admissions & Records.

Class Withdrawals

Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes. Use CLASS-Web to withdraw from classes prior to the "W" deadline date. "W" grades are subject to all fees and/or tuition. Withdrawals do not affect student GPA; however, excess "W" notations may result in poor progress or dismissal status, and may affect financial aid or athletic eligibility. Full payment of enrollment fees (and tuition fees, if applicable) is required for courses dropped with grades of "W".

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a class with extenuating circumstances after the Withdrawal deadline. An Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal Petition, available through Counseling, along with supporting documentation must be filed by the student with the instructor who will approve and verify that the class is being passed with a minimum grade of D. If approved, the petition is forwarded to the Dean of Counseling for final approval. Circumstances that will be considered are acute medical problems, acute personal or family problems, employment-related problems, or other similar circumstances preventing a student from completing the class.

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