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Registration Procedures for CONTINUING Students

Continuing students receive a CLASS-Web Registration Appointment Notice in the mail two to three weeks before the registration period begins. Students may also look up priority registration dates on CLASS-Web.  Registration appointments will be based on a student's registration priority.



Review Your Registration Appointment Notice

Your Registration Appointment Notice will include:

  • Registration date
  • Holds or outstanding debts (These must be cleared prior to registration!)
  • Academic standing (Students on academic probation/dismissal are required to see a counselor prior to registration.)


Register for Classes on Your Scheduled Registration Date

Go to /CLASS-Web

  • Make sure there are openings in the classes you have chosen.
  • Make sure the classes you select do not overlap in times.
  • Check to see if your classes have prerequisites, and make certain you have met the prerequisites.
  • Refer to the CLASS-Web Registration Worksheet found in the Schedule of Classes for steps to register online.


Pay Registration Fees

Go to /Admissions/Fees

  • The College reserves the right to drop you from your classes for non-payment.
  • Check academic calendar for fee payment deadline.
  • If the registration fee is a hardship for you, please fill out the Board of Governors Fee Waiver Application form. If you are eligible, you will not have to pay for any of your registration fees at Chabot. See the Financial Aid home page at /FinAid for more information.
  • Once registration fees are paid and if you elect to pay the optional mailing fee, you will receive a confirmation mailer with your registration validation sticker for the term.
  • If you elect not to pay the optional mailing fee, bring your registration receipt to the Office of Admissions & Records for your registration validation sticker after you receive your Student ID Card.


Prepare for the first day of classes!

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