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Registration Procedures for NEW and RETURNING Students

STEP 1 Apply for Admission Online:

STEP 2 Obtain your student ID number and Zonemail account.
All admitted students are assigned a unique student identification number (W number) and zonemail email account. Your student ID number will be sent to you via email. If you have not received this email within two business days after submitting your online application for admission, you may also obtain your student ID number by logging into CLASS-Web. Information on how to access your zonemail account is found on this link.

STEP 3 Apply for Financial Help.
Financial aid can help pay for tuition, books, transportation, and other educational costs. Visit the Financial Aid Department website for more information.

STEP 4 Submit official transcripts.
Submit your official college/university transcripts to the Admissions and Records, 25555 Hesperian Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545. (Note: If you are only taking personal enrichment classes with on prerequisites, you may not need to complete this step. Check with a Counselor to confirm.)

STEP 5 Complete all 3 core services to receive priority registration.
1. Complete Assessment Test.
You must complete the assessment test if you plan to register for certain English, ESL, or Math classes or any class requiring the assessment test to prove appropriate skill level.
Visit the Assessment Center website for dates and times.

2. Complete the Orientation online

3. Complete your student education plan (SEP).
New, first time in college students should attend a PSCN 25 group planning session to create an abbreviated, one-semester SEP. The Sep helps define what classes to take your first semester at Chabot to start you on the right path toward your educational goal. By attending the PSCN 25 session, you also will receive a coupon redeemable for a priority one-on-one counseling appointment to develop a more comprehensive SEP in the next semester. Sign up for the PSCN 25 group sessions in the Assessment Center after completing your English or ESL and math assessment tests. Returning, transferring in and continuing students who do not have an SEP on file should visit the Counseling Front Desk (Building 700, 2nf Floor) to request an appointment to develop an SEP.

STEP 6 Register for classes online and pay your fees.
Log into CLASS-Web or The Zone to register for classes online and pay your fess. Payment deadlines are posted on this link.

STEP 7 Buy your parking permit.
Order and purchase your parking permit online after logging into CLASS-Web or The Zone. Parking permits are valid for one semester and may only be purchased after you have registered in at least one course.

STEP 8 Get your student ID card.
Visit Student Online Services (Building 700) to get your free student ID card. If you already paid the $10 student activity fee, an activity sticker to be placed on the back of your ID card if

STEP 9 Buy your books.
IN-PERSON: Visit the Bookstore (Building 3800).

STEP 10 Attend your classes.
Attend the first day of class. Failure to attend may result in being dropped from class.
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